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Soft-spoken and gentle, Shadowlings are a passive, contemplative race. They prefer to dedicate themselves to art, magic, literature, philosophy, and study. They often dwell upon a decision for a long time before making a decision, but then are quick to act and, when necessary, can be ruthless. Shadowlings are shorter than humans, averaging about four feet in both genders, and weigh between 80 and 120 pounds.

Shadowling society is very orderly; each individual is left to his/her own devices, and all decisions are made by a consensus of all the adults in the population. Settlements are often small, containing less than 200 members, and seek to live an integrated, non-intrusive lifestyle with the surrounding environment, whether that be a forest or the inner city.

Most mortals view Shadowlings as particularly quiet children, but those who can see creatures of Shadow see them as they really are. Shadowlings tend to dress in subdued tones of grey, black, blue, and green, and wear little extraneous ornamentation. They are, however, fond of tattoos (often in swirling and flowing patterns of subdued colors). Most adult Shadowlings have at least one tattoo.

Common Names (both genders): Kumaril, Vilurin, Esmark, Menthor, Olvaris.
Typical Alignment: Neutral Good

Game Statistics[edit]

Small Humanoid (Shadowling)
Low Light Vision
Base Speed: 20 feet
Not Human: No bonus feat at first level and no extra skill points.

Ability Score Adjustments
Dexterity +2
Charisma +2
Wisdom +2
Strength -2
Constitution -2
Racial Skill Bonuses
Hide +2 (increases to +4 in shadow)
Move Silently +2
Automatic Languages
Any one modern language
Bonus Languages
Ancient Greek
Old Coptic

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