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Shadow Plane

Description: An area where a shadow is looming over it for all eternity, as if it is always midnight. The shadow is invincible, and therefore cannot be stopped.

Traits: Can be mixed with other environments, e.g, a shadow forest. It is impossible to tell the time as the sky itself does not show. Any player/creature without high dark-vision take a -4 to sight checks. Players in the Shadow Plane have to make a will save of 10+ or will start having hallucinations next round. Any player/creature upon stepping out into sunlight will be blinded for 1-3 turns, to determine how many, roll a d6. 1-3=3 turns, 4-5=2 turns, and 6 being 1 turn.

Gravity: Gravity is reduced a bit. Players and creatures alike will jump 8 feet higher, and things float for a bit before dropping down again.

Time: Time flows normally, but the Shadow Plane acts as if it has always been midnight, and will always be.

Size: The size depends on how big the DM wants it to be.

Morphic: This environment can morph with other environments, combining both qualities, creatures, etc.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits: Undead gain boosts,and evil alignments gain boosts here. A demonic-like aura pulses from all area in the environment.

Elemental Dominance: No elemental dominance here, folks!

Energy Dominance: Demonic and Evil energy pulsate throughout the entire environment.

Alignment Trait: Evil alignment gain +4 to all stats and +3 to will saves, survival checks, spot checks, listen chacks and ect.

Magic Trait: Demon summoning and shadow related spells gain an extra 2 damage and regenerate faster.

Plane Links It is very similar to The underworld, in a sense.

Info: Not much is known about this cryptic place.

Plane Inhabitants

all normal creatures in the environment it is mixed with, if mixed. Demons and skeletons, along with all evil aligned creatures are favourable in this environment.

Movement and Combat

Combat is pursued as normal, With the fact that any creature or player without high darkvision will suffer -2 rolls due to low light. If near a light source this rule is removed from combat as long as the light source is in play. Dodges and acrobatics get -2 on rolls if not wearing medium-heavy armour because of reduced gravity.

Plane Encounters 

Encounters are pursued as normal, but dodging falling objects get +1 on dice rolls because, again, of the reduced gravity.

Alternate Variances Being mixed with other environments make a lot of alternate variations.

Appearance: If not mixed with another biome, the dirt is a pale lavender and has faint pictures of skulls on it, the grass is purple and grey, trees have black wood and flame coloured leaves (red, yellow, orange, grey, faint orange, black.)

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