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Sex Slave[edit]

However it may have happened, you were forced against your will to serve for the pleasure of hundreds of strangers. While a prostitute or courtesan may have been driven into a corner before feeling as if they had to choose to enter into the profession, you were never even given that possibility. Were you under control of a group, or a single slaver? Did these people treat you as an employee, giving you a share of the profits, clothes on your back, food and a warm place to sleep at night? Or maybe it was exactly the opposite. Were you instead subject to simply being treated as an object, used quickly and immediately tossed away? Maybe you didn't always live your life as a sex slave, but you were thrown into it at some point. What happened that got you into this mess? Were you sold to avoid poverty? Did someone help you and make this your repayment of a life debt? Were you randomly kidnapped off the street? In most areas, forcing others to carry out this business, or even having ownership over others is illegal. Was this the case for whoever owned you? Were you constantly on the run from the law? Maybe you were the one giving clues to the local guard...? Regardless, what's most important: How did you get away? Either way, you didn't choose this life.

Skill Proficiencies: Performance, Persuasion

Languages: Thieves Cant

Tools: Thieves Tools

Equipment: A tattered set of common clothes, A random trinket you collected, and a small pouch containing 1g.

Who You Served[edit]

As a sex slave, you didn't get to choose who was in bed with you, but you certainly never forgot.

d6 Who You Served
1 Pretty much anybody and everybody, your captors weren't picky.
2 Only the richest and most powerful, your existence was very important for their work.
3 Everyone in a specific city/guild/group. You were an exclusive pleasure.
4 Thieves, Killer, Scoundrels. You were a plaything for their associates.
5 Nobody but your captor(s). They became more possessive than you thought.
6 Travelers along the road. Your captors went around and offered your services.

Feature: On The Run[edit]

One way or the other, you escaped from the clutches of your captors. Whether it was a secret plan or you left guns blazing, your escape was not beneficial to your owners. Whenever you go around, be careful when sharing your past. You never know when someone might recognize a name, or even your face, and turn you in. You can be sure there's at least some sort of reward for bringing you back.

Alternate Feature: Rescued[edit]

Your escape actually had to do with someone saving you. Whether they bought you and freed you, or killed your captors and let you run, without them you would have never been able to leave that life behind. Who is this person? Do you feel indebted to them?

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I'm disgusted with my past, I ignore it as if it never happened.
2 I actually liked what I did, I have no shame in that.
3 Fornication has lost its charm, I will forever abstain.
4 I have a strong appreciation for living life as a free being.
5 I never share my problems, I hate being pitied.
6 I pushed through slavery, I could get through anything.
7 I try to be kind to everyone I meet, unless I have reason not to be.
8 I am scarred and haunted by the memories of what I was forced to do.
d6 Ideal
1 Revenge. I will hunt down my captors and make them pay for what they did. (Chaotic)
2 Justice. What they did was wrong, I'll make sure that they get what they deserve. (Lawful)
3 Freedom I escaped from that horror, never again will I allow anyone to control me. (Chaotic)
4 Greater Good. There are still others who are held captive, I must save them! (Good)
5 Pride. The past does not make me who I am, I am eternally stronger than that. (Neutral)
6 Broken. This world is so new to me... sometimes I wish I had never left my captors. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 My captor(s) actually cared for me, even if only a little bit.
2 There were others like me, I was able to stay strong thanks to them.
3 I do not trust any flirtatious movements. It will only cause trouble.
4 I'll never forget how I was so easily sold into this slavery.
5 My trust is not so easily earned by anyone.
6 I yearn for the day I can truly leave my past behind me.
d6 Flaw
1 I am unaware of things like privacy and personal space.
2 I break easily under pressure.
3 I never had my own belongings before, so I do not share.
4 I tend to not say my true thoughts because 'slaves do not have opinions'
5 I am very greedy when it comes to rations.
6 I happen to get scared easily.

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