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Serpos is the ancient god of the Sessenek race. Long ago this god came to Oerth as a massive meteor which impacted the world creating what is now known as the plains of dust. Serpos emerged from the meteor along with his children the Sessenek. This alien god sent his people forth until they found a jungle paradise to call home. Serpos instructed his people to build their civilization and and to prosper. Eventually other gods began to take note of his presence and that of his children, most notably the gods of the Yuan-ti. As the Sessenek continued to expand, conflict with the Yuan-ti grew until a massive war erupted. For 100 years the war raged with neither side giving up until the gods of the Yuan-ti and the Naga(which joined the Yuan-ti side of the war)discovered away to imprison Serpos. They pooled their powers together and sealed the god into 5 powerful gems. Unfortunately they could not destroy the god outright but were able to prevent the god from manifesting his power on the world . Without their god to aid them, the Sessenek empire collapsed until the last remnants sealed themselves away with the remainder of Serpos's power and became as stone. 1000 years have passed since then and with the awakening of the Sessenek, Serpos too has awakened. Though he is still bound to the 5 crystals ,he has regained enough strength to grant power to a few priests in hope that they may free him from his imprisonment.


Sy: Eclipse, AL: N, WAL: any, AOC: Life, death, creation, the jungle, snakes, magic, eclipses, stars, poison


Until Serpos is freed from his imprisonment he has no avatar. If Serpos regains his Gems then he regains the ability to create Avatars with the following stats

Duties of the Priesthood[edit]

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