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Spellcraft DC: 383
Components: V, M
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 300ft (12,000ft: see text)
Target, Effect, or Area: One intelligent living creature within range, then up to 19 more within 50ft of the first.
Duration: 200 minutes (D)
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes
To Develop: Seeds: Compel (DC+19), Delude (DC+14), Forsee (DC+17), Conceal (DC+17). Factors: compel creatures to do harmful actions (DC+10), make effect immune to divination and resistant to true seeing effects (ad-hoc DC+50), discover the most horrific/shameful/terrifying thing the subjects can imagine (ad-hoc DC+60), include 5 senses in illusion (DC+10), create up to 20 illusions total (DC+19), make everything (including each other) invisible to targets except the illusion (ad-hoc DC+100), 1 action casting time (DC+20), increase range by 400% (DC+8), add up to 19 extra targets within 50ft (ad-hoc DC+103), increase saving throw DC by +8 (DC+16), up to 20 illusions follow a script (DC+180). Mitigating factors: XP burn 15,000xp (DC-150), backlash 10d6 (DC-10). Material cost: 1,377,000gp in material goods. Research time: 69 days. XP cost: 137,880.

This spell targets one intelligent living creature within 300ft of the caster and then up to 19 others within 50ft of the first target, creatures who lack intelligence are immune to this spell. Those affected are entitled to a will save if they fail an illusion is created using they're worst fears or darkest secrets (basically whatever's most likely to make them kill themselves). For example creatures from highly honourable societies may see themselves doing something they think to be redeemable only through seppuku whereas creatures from more liberal societies may see everyone they've ever loved dead or something similiar which would make them despair to the point of suicide.

Once they fail the initial will save the creature is subject to these illusions which involve tactile, olfactory, thermal, audible and taste elemants the subjects will believe these to be real and must succeed on a second will save every turn (including the first) they are affected by this spell or commit suicide, killing them instantly. For as long as they are affected the subject can see nothing but the illusion tailored to them they are unable to see any of the other targets, they're illusions or the environment around them. The only thing they are able to sense is the illusion affecting them, if someone unaffected tries to 'wake them up' they receive a second will save at the original DC, if they succeed they are free of the spell but if they fail they must make a second will save or commit suicide, even if they succeed on the second save the affect continues.

Those with the true seeing ability or similiar are still affected by this spell though they receive a +10 to all they're will saves as a result of this spell. While affected by this spell targets are considered helpless, attacking a target allows them another will save for every successful attack. The caster must pay 15,000xp and survive 10d6 backlash in order to cast this spell, they will also need the hilt from one who committed suicide while believing it to be honourable or who was in the depths of despair.

Material Component: The hilt from a blade or other weapon used by Someone to commit suicide (the ones from this spell cannot be used). Upon casting roll a d100 on a 1 the hilt turns to ash and cannot be used again.

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