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Huge fiend (demon), chaotic evil

Armor Class 20 (natural armor)
Hit Points 377 (26d12 + 208)
Speed 40 ft., climb 25 ft., swim 50 ft.

22 (+6) 28 (+9) 26 (+8) 20 (+5) 17 (+3) 25 (+7)

Saving Throws Dex +16, Con +15, Wis +10, Cha +14
Skills Deception +14, Insight +10, Perception +10
Damage Resistances cold, fire, lighting
Damage Immunities poison; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical weapons.
Condition Immunities charmed, exhaustion, frightened, poisoned
Senses truesight 120 ft., passive Perception 20
Languages all, telepathy 120 ft.
Challenge 24 (62,000 XP)

Innate Spellcasting. Scylla’s spellcasting abillity Charisma (spell save DC 23). Scylla can innately cast the following spells.
At will: charm person, detect magic
3/day each: darkness, dispel magic, dominate person, telekinesis
1/day: dominate monster, teleport

Legendary Resistance (3/Day). If Scylla fails a saving throw, she can choose to succeed instead.

Magic Resistance. Scylla has advantage on saving throws against spells or other magical effects.

Magic Weapons. Scylla’s weapon attacks are magical.

Slippery. Scylla has advantage on ability checks and saving throws made to escape a grapple.

Stone Camouflage. Scylla has advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks made in rocky terrain.


Multiattack. Scylla makes four bite attacks, or two bite attacks and two claw attacks. She may substitute two of the bite/claw attacks for one tail attack but can’t use the bite/claw and tail against the same target.

Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +13 to hit, reach 25 ft., one target. Hit: 20 (4d6 + 6) piercing damage.

Claw. Melee Weapon Attack: +13 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 17 (3d6 + 6) slashing damage.

Tail. Melee Weapon Attack: +13 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 20 (3d8 + 6) bludgeoning damage and the target must succeed a DC 21 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.

Gaze. Scylla turns her magical gaze toward one creature that she can see within 120 feet of her. That target must succeed on a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw. Unless the target is incapacitated, it can avert its eyes to avoid the gaze and to automatically succeed the save. If the target does so, it can’t see Scylla until the start of her next turn. If the target looks at her in the meantime, the target suffers one of the following effects of Scylla’s choice or at random:
1. Beguiling Gaze. The target is stunned until the start of Scylla’s next turn or until Scylla is no longer within line of sight.
2. Insanity Gaze. The target suffers the effects of the confusion spell without making any saving throws. The effects last until the start of Scylla’s next turn. If Scylla breaks concentration, the effects end.


Scylla can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. Scylla regains spent legendary actions at the start of her turn.

Bite. Scylla makes one bite attack.
Tail. Scylla makes one tail attack.
Insanity Gaze (Costs 2 Actions). Scylla uses her Gaze action.

Scylla, Lady of the Shallows by Dinomaster337.png
The Lady of the Shallows by Dinomaster337

The Lady of the Shallows, Daughter of Demogorgon, Scylla is a vile, slithering creature who was only one, single wise: to supplant her father, Demogorgon, as the Prince of Demons. She is as cunning and deceptive as Aamuel, the left head of Demogorgon, and is constantly scheming of how to take down him and her twin brother, Charybdis.

Scylla is a monstrous creature with the upper body of a woman, whose forehead has a second pair of eyes, and her lower body is a long, merrow-like tail. Her entire body is slick and smooth, completely covered in ichthyic scales, and her waist is lined with four tendrils, each ending in the head of a voracious, snarling dog. She has her father’s magic gaze, but she only possesses a fraction of the power he wields, though she is not to be underestimated.

Scylla’s cult consists mostly of cruel creatures that lurk in the shallows, such as merrow which comprise most of her cultists. Her human cultists are often promised pieces of her power in exchange for their loyalty, often committing acts of subterfuge and havoc in coastal areas across the material plane. Instead of her power, however, more often these souls are morphed into sea spawns [1], beholden to her will for the rest of their miserable lives.

Just as the heads of Demogorgon despise each other, so too do Scylla and Charybdis have a desire to destroy the other. And, just as Aamuel and Hethradiah are locked on together on the shoulders of Demogorgon, the two children of Demogorgon are forced to dwell on the same Abyssal plane, with each making the situation as uncomfortable as possible for the other.

Scylla's Lair

Scylla’s home lair is her abode carved into the cliffside of Messina. It is merely a large room, littered with shed scales and bones of tortured victims, who died screaming from insanity. The walls on her side of the canyon are riddled with claw marks from her constant climbing along the outcroppings. In particular, Scylla has a favored rock that she enjoys as her designated lookout post, so she can look down upon the realm, as well as into the Gaping Maw, and plot.

Lair Actions

On initiative count 20 (losing initiative ties), Scylla takes a lair action to cause one of the following magical effects; she can't use the same effect two rounds in a row:

  • Pools of water that Scylla can see within 120 feet of it surge outward in a grasping tide. Any creature on the ground within 20 feet of such a pool must succeed on a DC 15 Strength saving throw or be pulled up to 20 feet into the water and knocked prone.
  • Magical darkness spreads from a point Scylla chooses within 60 feet of her, filling a 15-foot-radius sphere until Scylla dismisses it as an action, uses this lair action again, or dies. The darkness spreads around corners. A creature with darkvision can't see through this darkness, and nonmagical light can't illuminate it. If any of the effect's area overlaps with an area of light created by a spell of 2nd level or lower, the spell that created the light is dispelled.
  • Scylla uses either her Beguiling Gaze or her Insanity Gaze, centered on a pool of water within her lair, instead of on herself.

Regional Effects

The region containing Scylla’s lair is warped by her magic, creating one or more of the following effects:

  • The area within 6 miles of the lair becomes overpopulated with eels, crustaceans, and other coastal beasts. Those within 1 mile of her lair are Scylla's eyes and ears.
  • The area within 1 mile of the lair is covered in thick mats of seaweed and kelp. Areas matching this description are considered difficult terrain. Any creature that ends its turn within the seaweed or kelp, other than Scylla, must succeed a DC 23 Strength saving throw or be restrained. A creature restrained in this manner can use its action to make a DC 23 Strength check to frees itself.
  • If a humanoid spends at least 1 hour within 1 mile of the lair, that creature must succeed on a DC 23 Wisdom saving throw or descend into madness determined by the Madness of Scylla table. A creature that succeeds on this saving throw can’t be affected by this regional effect again for 24 hours.

If Scylla dies, these effects fade over the course of 1d10 days.

Madness of Scylla

If a creature goes mad in Scylla's lair or within line of sight of the demon lord, roll on the Madness of Scylla table to determine the nature of the madness, which is a character flaw that lasts until cured. See the Dungeon Master's Guide for more on madness.

d100 Flaw (lasts until cured).
01-20 "There's something in the water! Does no one else see it? She's watching us, I know it!"
21-40 "I can't trust anybody close to me! My family is plotting against me, I can feel it. I must get rid of them! And my friends! And everyone else getting too close to me! Yes. They won't get me. Nobody will get me if I get them first!"
41-60 "I have powerful dreams of me torturing those closest to me. Every time when they sleep, it is so very tempting to cut their belly open and play with their guts, but there was not enough privacy yet... It would only ruin the fun if someone would interrupt... I'm wondering when I will be able to make these dreams reality~"
61-80 ”This, this is only happening because we annoy her. If I kill them for her, then everything is going back to be fine, right? That makes sense, right? Yes, yes it does. I kill them. I need to kill them all!”
81-00 "Reality is just a dream. I just need to find a way to wake up. That monster over there? It can't hurt me. My gold? Worthless! It's not real! Nothing is real!"

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