Scribe Magic Tattoo, Variant (3.5e Feat)

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Scribe Magic Tattoo Variant (3.5e) [General]

Like scribe magic tattoo but user is able to scribe up to caster level 6 tattoos
Prerequisite: Craft (calligraphy) +1, Craft (painting) +1, Spellcaster level 6
Benefit: User is able to scribe tattoos of spells that are caster level 6 or lower, so long that he is able to afford the gp and xp cost of the spell
Normal: The price of the tattoo is (spell level x caster level x 50gp) the user must also pay an xp cost of 1/25 the total price of the tattoo. If the user goes below the total experience required for his level, he loses that level and must regain the lost experience for that level again. The user does not have to be any particular level to use this feat, so long as he is able to afford it. If the user is not a spell caster he must pay a spell caster that has the required feats a fee in order for him to receive the tattoos. The user is able to use the spell only once.
Special: If the designated spell caster is a member of your party they may choose to charge you a fee of their choice. Additionally if the one receiving the tattoo wishes to use the spell more than once he must have permanency casted onto the tattoo. If this is done the user may cast the spell normally.

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