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Born from the dried tears of the stressed and isomnic, Sandmen wander the land to bring sweet slumber to all folk.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'4"-6'2"
Average Weight: 160-240lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Charisma, +2 Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Elven
Skill Bonuses: +2 History, +2 Heal
Isomnia: Your race feeds off the contentment of other people's slumber. you only need dreams to feast on, making food and water irrelevant as long as another person around you has a good night's sleep. If more than three people are sleeping around you within 10 squares, you do not need to rest and remain fully aware of your surroundings for an extended rest.
Sand Blood: If you are standing on sand when you spend a healing surge to regain hit points, you gain an additional 1d6 hit points.
Illusion Eater: Yout gain a +5 to all saving throws against illusion effects.
Dream Dust: You have the Racial Power Dream Dust

Dream Dust Sandmen Racial Power
You spread a glittery cloud around your enemies, making them drowsy.
Minor Action Close blast 3
Target: enemies in blast
Attack: Charisma + 2 Vs. Will
Hit: The target is slowed and cannot see further than 5 squares until the end of your next turn.
Level 11: Charisma + 4
Level 21: Charisma + 6

Sandmen origionated from golems created by strong and powerful Sorcerers. The Golems were used in assisting the Sorcerers by collecting arcane energies from across the plain. By chance, one Golem somehow managed to be momentarily transfixed in Limbo and make it back into the natural world but lost it's control in the process. The Golem went rogue and destroyed an entire town before collapsing. All the people of the village were devastated and weeped for many years. When their tears were finally dried away, The Golem's Rune sprang to life. The Rune attracted the Tears of the People and the dust of it's old body creating a man. This man was held together by Dreams - dreams of a better tomorrow for the people.

Sandmen almost never live in groups. They always blend in with towns of other peoples and live off of their dreams. A Samdman may often become a village Seer or Oracle for their adept ability in reading Dreams. If a Sandman encounters another Sandman, They either enjoy each other's company greatly or repell each other due to different ideals. Sandmen will very rarily form a group and even then they prefer to sleep farther away from each other by at least 30 yards. On the other hand, Sandmen are very kind to other races. They love having long talks with the wisest and most unique people in the world.

Play a Sandman if you want...

  • To be kind-hearted and advising towards other people.
  • To love individuality and encourage mutual cooperation
  • To love exploring dreams and learning from other people's subconcious
  • To interpret dreams, riddles, divine messeges, and more.
  • To LOVE to Sleep!
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Cleric, Paladin, and Avenger classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Sandmen usually assume the form of a regular human. Depending on the Personallity of the Sandman, they may appear as a young handsome lad or an old decrepid man. Sandmen can only assume the form of a Human, and to even change their look takes time according to how big the change it. Sandmen don't usually change their appearance but do so only to replicate aging. Sandmen are Ungendered, but assume the sex that matches their personallity the best. Sandmen can be identified by their earthy skin tones and their color changing eyes. The eyes of a Sandman are a silvery-pink color but turn different colors according to the latest dream they've eaten. Sandmen in their Purest form resemble human constructs made of sand and chunks of rune-enscribed rock, with misty purple chains binding the body together.

Playing a Sandman[edit]

Sandmen are usually very kind people who use manners often and are very respectful. When making a descision, Sandmen usually take a night to sleep on the matter and consult their patron gods in a dream. Sandmen can be wishy-washy at times. They can have one descision instantly and then reconsider it at the last moment. With this thought-process, Sandmen choose either to be apathetic on most mudane descisions or be very quizical about every fork in the road posed to them.

Sandmen prefer to heal people's isomnia by ridding them of nightmares or lulling them to sleep softly, so they fall onto the side of good more often then nought. Sandmen feed on the waisted energies of restless people and the chaotic nightmare's torturous effects and convert this energy into life force, keeping the Sandman alive and healing the mentally afflicted. This way both people win and everyone gets along better. People tend to be more relaxed around Sandmen and rejuvinate faster, which would make People revere the Sandmen if not for the oath of secrecy a Sandman gives to hide his true being. a Sandman must stay secret from the public in order to prevent outbursts and worship of his/her power and to live a normal but secret life. Sandmen like to Adventure because They can reveal their identity to only a small group of people and to feed on the dreams of many unique characters at a time.

Unfortunatelly, a number of evil Sandmen exist. These Sandmen feed on the Happiness and Good dreams a person has, leaving only twisted nighthorrors for the effected to struggle through in the night. Evil Sandmen who adventure usually kidnap a sentient being or two to leech off of instead of incapasitating the other people in the group. Evil Sandmen may sometimes reveal their true identity to a remote village or settlement in order to be worshipped or to threaten the people with eternal conciousness and collect tythes if the former plan does not work.

Sandmen Characteristics: Kind, Bipolar, Quizical, Polite, Phylisophical, Undecided

Male Names: Clayton, Grahm, Felix, Olgen, Icarus, Thom

Female Names: Sandra, Xepex, Endri, Katyllin, Mathra, Bellami

Sandmen Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Sandmen adventurers are described below.

Olgen was a Sandman Cleric who roamed the land seeking knowlege of the Gods. He travels from city to city and studies every religious manuscript he can find. Olgen works by reading the futures of worshipers at local temples and by interpreting dreams. One day he banded with an adventurer's group in order to find an old sacred tome to the god Avandra. In the End, Olgen gave his life to protect one of his company from a trap when he could have ran and grabbed the tomb. Olgen's rune is now carried in the pocket of the saved adventurer.

Endri is a Sandman Paladin who was created by another Sandman purely by accident. Due to this random birth, Endri decided to leave her creator and find someone who would understand her. Endri found a home in a quiet little monostary and decided to settle there. When the King's royal Embassidors visited the Village, Endri was thrilled at a chance to share her Gods with the world. Endri was brought to the King's Palace and molded into a fine Paladin by the warrior preists in the Palace. Endri was soon conscripted and sent on missions with a group of hand-selected fighters to travel into the Nine Hells and vanquish Asmodeus.

Grahm is a Sandman Warlord who decided to give into his desires and feed on the happiness and good in people's dreams. Grahm was orphaned from his creator soon after this descision, due to the creator being repulsed by his creation. Grahm decided to plop off in a Desert town and become a socalled "hero" to the people. He plagued the poeple with nightmares of drought and raiding parties of gnolls until the people allowed him a seat of power. Grahm discovered a series of ruins behind his village and decided to enslave the most recent travelers into accompanying him on his explorations into the tombs.

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