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Sand Prison
Level: Sandbender 6
Casting time: 1 round
Range: Long (400 feet + 40 feet per technician level)
Target, or Area: 10 ft. radius around target
Duration: Instantaneous or up to 1 round/technician level; see text
Saving Throw: Reflex negates
Spell Resistance: No

Technique Points Required: 11

Spreading your hands out far apart, your attuned sand slides across the ground, converting a mass of earth into sand. This mass is equivalent to 40 cubic feet of sand, all guided by the attuned sand mixed in. It then rises into the air and swirls around the target, forming into hands that try to grab the target as well as closing off sides and attempting to lock them in. If a creature is trapped within the mass, it has the same effect as a newly used desert coffin technique for the user of this technique's level and the extra sand generated by the technique falls away as this technique ends.

You choose 5 of the squares adjacent to the target. The mass of sand closes off those routes. If the target succeeds its Reflex save it must then not touch any of the 5 chosen squares or it is instantly caught. It may move diagonally between two occupied squares into an unoccupied one to escape. If the target is flying the sands block off vertical travel, allowing only horizontal movements until out of the prison.

All targets within 10 ft. of the target at the beginning of the target's turn must make a Fortitude save or be knocked prone by the rushing sands.

You may spend an additional 5 technique points to extend the duration of this technique by 1 round. This is a move action done on your turn after the target escapes the prison. This repeats the effect once again, moving the mass of sand to the target. Or, you may add another 2 cubic feet of attuned sand as well as pay the extra technique points to close off a 6th square for the entire duration of this technique.

This technique has no limit to the number of additional technique points that may be used in it.

Material Component: 10 cubic feet of Attuned Sand

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