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Sand Cannon
Technique [S]
Level: Sandbender 9
Casting time: 1 round
Range: Personal
Effect: one arm mounted cannon that fires sand shells
Duration: 1 round / technician level
Saving Throw: see text
Spell Resistance: No

Technique Points Required: 17

Wrapping your attuned sand around the arm of your choice, you solidify it into a complex and very powerful arm-mounted cannon. At the back, the rest of your attuned sand forms into a large mass attached to your back. There, it converts into the ammo your cannon requires. The shells used for each cannon return as you will them (free action).

You may choose one of 3 different forms for your cannon; large, fast, or spread.

Large: A big firing chamber features the design of this simple cannon. It fires 2 cubic feet of attuned sand as round, 1 foot radius shells that explode on impact. Each shell has the effect of a sand bomb technique (without option of additional technique points) where it lands and this cannon may fire at range up to 100 ft. + 10 ft. / technician level. Firing this weapon is a full round action.

Fast: Rows of pre-made quarter foot radius shells extending from the back are the noticeable designs of this simple cannon. Able to shoot its quarter foot radius shells at a very fast rate this cannon may be fired as a standard action and shoots your max number of attacks per round as a standard action (derived from Base Attack Bonus) but each shot is made at -2 BAB. The small shells deal 1d6 damage. This cannon may fire at range up to 100 ft. + 10 ft. / technician level.

Spread: Four firing chambers featured on the front of this cannon hint to its purpose. It is capable of firing four half-foot radius shells at a time which hits a 2x2 square area. All in the area take 3d6 damage and those within 5 feet of the shell (including those already hit directly with shells) take 1d6 damage. This cannon may fire at range up to 100 ft. + 5 ft. / 2 technician levels and firing it is a standard action that may be done only once per round.

If you have the craft wondrous item feat you may instead make one of the following 6 forms for your cannon; advanced large, advanced fast, advanced spread, long, spray, or ram.

Advanced Large: With a longer chamber, this cannon rests on your shoulder and connects to your torso. As large but its shells are as effective as a sand bomb technique at your actual technician level and you may add additional technique points to the shells at half the cost (rounded up). It may fire at double the range of a large cannon. Firing this advanced version is a standard action but the force of the shot causes you to slide backwards 15' feet on the ground, twice as far if the ground is slippery, and it may still only be shot once per round.

Advanced Fast: This advanced version is noted by the rows of additional shells now wrapped around your torso as well as the second cannon now formed on your other side. With two cannons ready to fire, you may use each as a normal fast cannon both made at -2 BAB.

Advanced Spread: Notable for its 9 firing chambers, this cannon fires its shells into a 3x3 square area. Each shell deals its normal 3d6 but the secondary 1d6 now deals 2d6.

Long: Few will even get the chance to see the appearance of this cannon but if they were they would note the 3 foot long firing chamber extending from the front of this already 6 foot long cannon. It may be shot once per round as a standard action and takes two rounds to cool down. Firing again before letting it cool down has a 75% chance of it exploding dealing 10d12 damage to those within 15' of it. Shooting this cannon while standing gives a -5 to BAB but shooting while prone allows you to use a small lens created by superheated normal sand that enhances your vision and thus gives +10 to BAB and +10 to spot checks. Moving while holding this cannon reduces your move speed by 5'.

Its half-inch radius shells are super compressed from 1 cubic foot of attuned sand and can pierce all armors, walls, stone, and the toughest of hides. They deal 8d8 damage, reduced by 1d8 for each object it passes through (not cloth or leather), 1d8 for each half-foot of thickness, and 1d8 for traveling through materials tougher than leather. They may be fired up to 500 ft. + 50 ft. / technician level and make a loud sound audible up to 1000 ft. away when fired.

This shot does not stop moving until all its dice of damage are used up or it travels it's maximum range. This means a human shot straight on with no armor (about a half-foot thick chest to back) takes 8d8 damage but the shell continues past it. The next human it hits behind the first takes 6d8 damage (loses 1d8 for hitting an object, and 1d8 for the half foot of thickness). That person is wearing plate mail so the shell loses 3d8 damage from the armor, the person, and the half-foot of thickness. But the shell still has 3d8 damage left so it continues moving.

You may spend an additional 8 technique points each round before firing the shell to increase its damage by 2d8.

Spray: This cannon features a large front made of 50 very small firing chambers that spread outward from the center, angling slightly. Firing this cannon, as a standard action doable once per round, fires a spray of 50 small needles composed from 4 cubic feet of attuned sand. These needles spray outward as a 40 ft. cone dealing 6d6 to anyone caught within (reflex save does half damage). It continues firing until the beginning of your next turn, dealing its damage again to anyone within the cone at the end of their turn. Walking farther into the cone causes the one who approaches to take an additional 2d6 for each 5 feet. Standing behind a person of equal size to you reduces the damage by 2d6, or 4d6 if larger than you.

Ram: Featuring an extremely large, square column twice the length of your arm, this cannon doubles your reach and thus your threat range. It uses no shells for it does not fire anything at a distance. Instead, it uses an explosion trapped behind the column to create an extremely powerful force that can crush bones and destroy walls. Using the ram in this way is a full round action. You may also wield it as a heavy mace for your size. Being hit by the ram power deals quadruple the damage of a heavy mace for your size as well as knocking the affected creature back 10', leaving it prone.

You may charge the end of the ram to explode upon a successful hit by expending an additional 10 technique points before attacking with its ramming function. If you miss, you do not lose the charge as the energy only releases at the time of impact. The explosion deals an additional 6d6 damage and throws the affected creature back 20 feet instead of 10 feet. Creatures within 5 feet of the explosion take 1d6 fire damage.

By expending 5 technique points at the beginning of your turn you may reshape the cannon into a different one as a full round action.

Material Component: 6 cubic feet of Attuned Sand

Note: This spell isn't part of all Sandbender's Technique List, you can only learn this Technique if you have the Wielder of the Black Sand Class Feature.

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