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Saddlespike Battlebriar[edit]

Purposefully grown by powerful spellcasters to serve as mounts in combat, saddlespike battlebriars are extremely destructive creatures capable of routing small formations of enemy troops. Though not as powerful as some varieties of battlebriars, they more than make up for that fact by possessing increased mobility and by being able to offer their riders a fair degree of protection.

Saddlespike Battlebriar
Level 17 Soldier
Large natural animate (mount, plant)
XP 1,600
Initiative +12 Senses Perception +16
Flensing Thorns aura 2; any enemy that enters or begins its turn in the aura takes 5 points of damage.
HP 166; Bloodied 83
AC 33; Fortitude 30, Reflex 26, Will 27
Speed 8
Basicmelee.png Claw ♦ at-will
Effect: Reach 2; +24 vs. AC; 2d8 + 7 damage, and the target is marked until the end of the saddlespike battlebriar’s next turn.
Close.png Death Throes
Effect: Close burst 3; +22 vs. Reflex; enemies in the area take 5 points of damage.
Entwining Briars ♦ encounter
Effect: A saddlespike battlebriar’s rider is covered in thorny, protective vines; Until the end of the rider’s next turn, all melee attacks made against the rider deal 5 points of damage to the attacker.
Str 24 (+15) Dex 14 (+10) Wis 16 (+11)
Con 22 (+14) Int 3 (+4) Cha 13 (+9)
Alignment Unaligned Languages

Saddlespike Battlebriar Tactics[edit]

A saddlespike battlebriar tries to get close to as many targets as possible to expose them to its flensing thorns aura. If mounted, it uses its entwining briars ability only on command.

Saddlespike Battlebriar Lore[edit]

A character knows the following information with a successful Nature check.

DC 20: Saddlespike battlebriars are used as both mounts and living siege engines by those powerful enough to control them. Those left uncommanded are dangerous adversaries indeed.

DC 25: Battlebriars don't feed like an animal might. They can survive like plants do, and thus make excellent eternal guardians.

Encounter Groups[edit]

Level 16 Encounter (XP 7,600) — Dryad Grove

  • 2 briar witch dryads (level 13 elite controller)
  • 1 saddlespike battlebriar (level 17 soldier)
  • 1 treant (level 16 elite controller)

Saddlespike Battlebriars as Mounts[edit]

Created specifically to serve as mounts, saddlespike battlebriars are extremely effective in that role. Other than the threat of catching his clothing on one of the creature's many dangerous thorns, a rider has little to worry about, as battlebriars are extremely self-sufficient and able to aptly defend themselves even if unattended.

  • Carrying Capacity 240 lb. (normal); 480 lb. (heavy); 1,200 lb. (push/drag)
  • Market Price 65,000 gp

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