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Questions about the spell, product and results:
The psionic power or spell is instantaneous, meaning it is cast, the product, an ounce of Quintessence in a 1 inch sphere is formed, the power or spell is done and the product does nto require magic or psionics to maintain existence after the casting.:
1. What is the duration of the product, the quintessence goo that is formed? It would be useless if it vanished "instantaneously", does it exist indeffinately until it is destroyed by some physical means?
2. The final product is not sustained by ongoing psionic power or magic, it is an end product with physical substance like the use of other creation spells or powers to produce water, a block of wood or stone, is it subject to being dispelled?
3. The quintessence can be manipulated by the manifester, can the object in the quintessence be moved with the moving of the quintessence holding it? If it can be moved, can it only be moved by the manifester or can it be placed in a container, like a backpack, and moved by someone else?
4. The accumulation of 16 ounces(1lbs) in a single mass can interfere with the use of psionics in a 5 foot radius, does this also apply to a collection of 1 inch spheres and if it does what are the proximity requirements of the spheres in order to produce this effect?
5. If an animated moving object gets partially coated with quintessence can it prevent the object from continuing to move, or does it fall in the catagory of taking 1 pt of damage per round as with something living that is partially coated?

--  --Honorlord (talk) 07:57, 13 November 2013 (MST)
1 - As duration is instantaneous and the text doesn't specify, yes, the quintessance exists indefinitely until it is "manually scraped away from a protected object", when it has a 75% chance of evaporating.
2 - Dispelling Psionics is dependant on the duration of the power, since this is Instantaneous, it cannot be affected by a standard Dispel power.
3 - The power doesn't specifically state that only the manifester can manipulate it, but any creature other than the manifester in contact with the quintessence would suffer 1 damage/round, starting 10 rounds after partial contact occurred. Debatable, but seeing as other similar effects like SRD:Sepia Snake Sigil also don't specify that being in stasis does not mean they are objectively immovable, the object would still be moveable while covered.
4 - As the goo is malleable, multiple spheres of quintessence would presumably be mixable. A one-inch-diameter sphere of quintessence is apparently equal to one ounce. As for proximity requirements, I think it's once again fairly debatable, but I would rule that as long as 1 pound of quintessence is in an unbroken covering or blob, then being 5 feet within any part of of that blob would interfere.
Hope I helped. --SgtLion (talk) 08:09, 13 November 2013 (MST)

I do have the way I would rule on these questions, but since the description does nto cover them in undebatable detail, I was looking fo rother input, thank you. This is how i would rule on each:

1 - Once the quintessence is brought into existance it is a physical object that exists until it has been damaged suficiently to vaporize.
2 - It is not sustained by psionics or magic, it can not be dispelled, it is a physically present object or goo.
3 - The quintessence can be spread by and does not harm the manifester, so the manifester can move the quintessence and the object within. Since living creatures in partial contact take damage, as in if you coat someone's arm partially in a quintessence, after 10 rounds they start taking damage, but they can still move and the quintessence has to be scraped off, then anyone can actually move the quintessence and object within.
4 - The goo is maleable and spheres can be combined into a single mass, I would rule that it is the volume of quintessence in the proximity of the psionic manifester(alterring time flow) that causes the problem and the rule can not be circumvented then to be able to carry over a pound by keeping it in smaller blobs on the basis that the disruption casued by the oen would feed upon the others as long as there is a pound of quintessence within a 5 foot area, but would keep it open for player debate.
5 - Damage caused by a quintessence I consider as based on change over time, partial cover protect the portion that is covered of the living creature or the object from time based changes. Living creatures this effects things by blocking circulation, not allowing flexing or shifting which can cause tearing and damage to surrounding tissue. Simple movement of non-living matter would not cause damage because of the quintessence, but if the object is expanded, flexed or shrunk by heat, cold, magic or physical means that would cause disproportionate stress at the interface withthe area covered by the quintessence the object would take damage accordingly.
--Honorlord (talk) 09:48, 13 November 2013 (MST)
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