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Is the maximum damage from this spell on crystaline objects and creatures 20d6's or 15d6's? It says they take a maximum of 20d6's in the first part and 15d6's in the second part.-- 23:23, 7 August 2010 (UTC)

Looks like a copy-paste error from the Shout page. It's 20d6 as listed on page 279 of the Player's Handbook. I'd edit it, but it seems that I can't.

This is the spell's description in the rulebook:

This spell functions like shout, except that the cone deals 10d6 points of sonic damage (or 1d6 points of sonic damage per caster level, maximum 20d6, against exposed brittle or crystalline objects or crystalline creatures). It also causes creatures to be stunned for 1 round and deafened for 4d6 rounds. A creature in the area of the cone can negate the stunning and halve both the damage and the duration of the deafness with a successful Fortitude save. A creature holding vulnerable objects can attempt a Reflex save to negate the damage to those objects.

Arcane Focus: A small metal or ivory horn.

It does not list it's ineffectiveness in a silenced area, but the silence spell states it renders all sonic based attacks ineffective.

--Tharkon 14:49, 7 April 2011 (MDT)

Fixed, after it's been pointed out for a year! JazzMan 11:30, 10 April 2011 (MDT)
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