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Changes From the Original SRD[edit]

Added (from Abilities and Conditions):

  • "Looking at the creature’s image (such as in a mirror or as part of an illusion) does not subject the viewer to a gaze attack.
  • "If visibility is limited (by dim lighting, a fog, or the like) so that it results in concealment, there is a percentage chance equal to the normal miss chance for that degree of concealment that a character won’t need to make a saving throw in a given round. This chance is not cumulative with the chance for averting your eyes, but is rolled separately.
  • "Invisible creatures cannot use gaze attacks.
  • "Characters using darkvision in complete darkness are affected by a gaze attack normally.
  • 'Unless specified otherwise, a creature with a gaze attack can control its gaze attack and "turn it off" when so desired.'
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