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hey guys new here. my DM is a very "out of the box" kinda of guy. long story short is were stuck in a magic area every time we try to use detect magic he says it blinds us becuase every thing is "magic" so that is leaving us with no way to see if anything is well....magic..any ideas to get around this?

Without actually going in depth about how to get around this I'll just use the base spell effects. Using the increased amount of information revealed by each round of concentration on the spell you should be able to accurately identify varying spell strengths and types, giving you a general idea of what is a magical item and what is just background magical aura. I am also an out of the box DM, but I'm also the kind of player DM's hate, because I always find loop holes to easily get around challenges. If your DM doesn't agree with this idea, just say so and I'll give you something else. :) --Vrail 01:41, 27 June 2010 (UTC)
first off thanks for the help! in have already tried that and what i get is " that the area is going to be more magical then anything in it. is there a way to detect one the at a time like a weapon or staute? or to be like detect magic NOT the "space were stuck in?
Well, another thing you can do is create a spell. If you want to direct it then you can simply create a spell to do that. As a spell caster you are also actually allowed to use spells with slight variants. So if your DM is nice you should be able to simply use a variant of the spell. Another thing you can do is actually use dispel magic on the background magical auras so you only pick up what you need to. Do those suggestions help at all? --Vrail 03:18, 27 June 2010 (UTC)
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