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Specific Armors and Shields

Specific Armors

The following specific suits of armor usually are preconstructed with exactly the qualities described here.

Table: Specific Armors

Minor Medium Major Specific Armor Market Price
01–50 01–25 Mithral shirt 1,100 gp
51–80 26–45 Dragonhide plate 3,300 gp
81–100 46–57 Elven chain 4,150 gp
58–67 Rhino hide 5,165 gp
68–82 01–10 Adamantine breastplate 10,200 gp
83–97 11–20 Dwarven plate 16,500 gp
98–100 21–32 Banded mail of luck 18,900 gp
33–50 Celestial armor 22,400 gp
51–60 Plate armor of the deep 24,650 gp
61–75 Breastplate of command 25,400 gp
76–90 Mithral full plate of speed 26,500 gp
91–100 Demon armor 52,260 gp

Specific Shields

The following specific shields usually are preconstructed with exactly the qualities described here.

Table: Specific Shields

Minor Medium Major Specific Shield Market Price
01–30 01–20 Darkwood buckler 205 gp
31–80 21–45 Darkwood shield 257 gp
81–95 46–70 Mithral heavy shield 1,020 gp
96–100 71–85 01–20 Caster’s shield 3,153 gp
86–90 21–40 Spined shield 5,580 gp
91–95 41–60 Lion’s shield 9,170 gp
96–100 61–90 Winged shield 17,257 gp
91–100 Absorbing shield 50,170 gp

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