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Soul Scry
Spellcraft DC: 55
Components: V, S
Range: See text
Target: One other living creature
Duration: 20 minutes (D)
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 495,000 gp; 10 days; 19,800 XP. Seeds: contact (DC 23), reveal (DC 19), conceal (DC 17). Factors: apply to all five senses (+8 DC), conceal detection (ad hoc +6 DC). Mitigating factor: increase casting time by 9 minutes (–18 DC).

When a character casts this spell, he or she is temporarily able to tap the consciousness of another sentient creature with whom the character is familiar (by meeting, observing, or successfully scrying the subject), experiencing everything he or she does with all five senses. The target receives a Will save, and if successful, prevents the character from making the telepathic connection. Whether the saving throw is successful or not, the target is unaware of the attempted intrusion. Once the subject is tapped, the character is able to hear, see, feel, smell, and taste everything the subject senses. The character cannot control the subject, however. The character can only see what the subject chooses to look at, and the character tastes something only if the subject eats or drinks it during the spell’s duration. During this time, the character’s own body remains in a trance-like state. If the subject takes damage, the character senses the injuries, although his or her own body does not actually suffer any ill effects. If the subject is knocked unconscious or killed, the spell immediately ends.

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