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Warforged Variant[edit]

Rustforged are those sentient constructs assembled in a hurry, without proper supplies, or with minimal practice. While they function largely the same, there are obvious flaws in their designs. Some Rustforged are even characterized by a menagerie of spare or rusty parts.

Adapted from Eberron Warforged

Kept Features[edit]

-Sentry's Rest

-Constructed Resilience


New Features[edit]

Design Flaw You cannot regain hitpoints from a spell unless the caster is touching you.

Easy Come, Easy Go While at 0 hit points you cannot be stabilized with a medicine check or a healer's kit.

-Tinker's tools work in place of a healer's kit, but no uses are taken.

-Alternatively, another creature within 5 feet of you can use their action to make an Intelligence check with a DC of 13 and use at least 5 gp of metal, gears, or other supplies to bring you back to 1 hit point.

Quick Modification When you finish a short or long rest, you can gain proficiency in one set of artisan's tools. This lasts until you use this ability next.

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