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Rogue's Tunic: A Rogue's Tunic is a +1 Vestment of Many Styles Shadow Adamantine Robe of the Mage of Silent Moves, crafted in the form of a tunic rather than a Robe. It grants a +5 armor bonus to AC (some versions have higher enhancement bonuses), DR 1/-, a +5 competence bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks, and the colors and pattern may be changed at will with a standard action. It costs 12,000 gold pieces. For obvious reasons, it is coveted by Rogues, Changelings, Bards, and other stealth- and subterfuge-users.

CL 9; invisibility, silence, Changeling; Cost 4,500 gp (plus 3000 more for the tunic) + 300 XP

As stated above, versions with higher enhancement bonuses are not uncommon relative to the uncommonness of this tunic. If the enhancement bonus is increased (or other properties are added), then this basic version is treated as having an effective enhancement bonus of +1.

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