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Ritual Casting (Con; trained only; armor check penalty)

This skill is a class skill for any full-advancement spellcasting class.

You have learned to endure the rigors that are required to perform rituals. You can handle the long duration of the casting required to draw in extra magical power.

Check: You can attempt to cast augmented and combined ritual casting spells that require an hour or more of casting time. Each hour, or portion thereafter, requires a Ritual Casting check against a DC of 10 + spell level. Each check after the first one increases the DC by one until the end of the casting. A failed Ritual Casting check results in loss of control over the magical powers being harnessed. See Augmented and Combined Ritual Casting sections for results of the failure.

Retry: No.

Special: If you have 5 or more ranks of Concentration, you get a +2 synergy bonus on Ritual Casting checks.

Scarred Land Campaign Setting: Ghelspad Copyright 2002, White Wolf Publishing, Inc.

Permission to use this content granted via "Designation of Open Game Content", page 1, Relics and Rituals. Alterations were made to this entry to bring it in line with the 3.5 rules set.

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