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Rising Sun Style[edit]

An energetic combination of attacks and a dazzling performance of acrobatics.

Note: These are not fighting styles, but more or less a performance skill used to hone their fighting styles to a greater potential.

Monk Performance Skill: Rising Sun Style.

5 rank bonus (Apprentice): +2 on checks for anything to deal with endurance (ie, holding breath, forced march).

10 rank bonus (Mediocre): Monk receives the Rising Sun ability allowing them to make an extra attack at a -5 from their maximum as many times per day as their wisdom modifier.

15 rank bonus (Master): Monk now receives a +4 on checks for anything to deal with endurance.

20 rank bonus (Grand Master): the monk can now use the Rising Sun ability up to 2x their wisdom modifier per day, but now at only a -3 from their maximum. They now also receive a +6 on checks for anything to deal with endurance.

Prerequisites: The monk may choose one performance skill at first level and may take no more thereafter.

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