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Ring of Shadows: This cool, flat-black ring seems to be made of a glassy-metallic substance that is always cool to the touch, no matter where one may find oneself. As per all magical rings in the realms of Kalan'Dria, once the user puts it upon their finger, it will quickly adjust to their finger size, fitting very snugly. It can be removed at will but ONLY by the wearer. If anyone else tries to remove it, it will require a Dispel Magic check vs. a 11th level spellcaster. The Ring of Shadows value is 5,000 GP.


  • The ring grants the wearer a +5 to Stealth skill checks but ONLY when the wearer is in shadows or darkness. Additionally, it will grant the wearer the ability to clearly see and speak to any and all natives of the Plane of Shadows. Of course, the +5 to Stealth will NOT work on those who come from the Plane of Shadows.
  • Unless the wearer is in brilliant light, they will (at the user's desire) always appear to dark and shadowy, making an Perception check against them for clear identification at a -5.
  • If the ring is subjected to a sustained blast of brilliant energy (GM's discretion), it may be forced to make a saving throw or suffer the broken condition.

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