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Ricochet Throw [Combat]

When you throw something, it may bounce several times, striking multiple enemies.
Prerequisite: PFSRD:Throw Anything, 13 Dex, 7 bab.
Benefit: Whenever you throw bludgeoning weapons, Chakrams, throwing shields, or impovised weapons you may ricochet them off walls and monsters. The maximum number of creatures hit is equal to your BAB, and you may never hit the same creature twice. The collective distance traveled must be under the maximum range for that weapon. Swarms are immune to ricochet. You take a -3 penalty to all attacks for each consecutive target hit. When Ricochet is used, the new trajectory is based on the most recent enemy hit. If the weapon rebounds to your immediate area, you may catch it.
Normal: You may not have the thrown weapon ricochet.
Special: If you have the ricochet shot feat you may use either feat for firearms or thrown objects.

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