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You are an advanced race of insect that was bred to do battle with anything and everything that stands in its way.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 6'5 -7'5 ft
Average Weight: 350–550 lb
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity or Constitution
Size: Medium
Speed: 5 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common and Deep Speech
Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Intimidate
Shell of Armor: You gain a racial power bonus of +3 to your AC. The value increases to +5 at level 11 and again to +7 at level 21. Plus you gain the rhino tank beetle racial power.
Rhinocereetle Horn: Your horn can be considered as a light blade and can deal 1d6 damage. You are also proficient with your horn gaining a +3 proficiency bonus to attack rolls. Plus you gain the rhinocereetle horn squeeze racial power.
Four Arms: You have four arms. The main, larger arms are able to use weapons effectively and the secondary, smaller arms are able to hold items, but you gain no bonuses with this trait.
Encumbered Speed: You move at your normal speed even when it would be reduced by armor or a heavy load.

Rhinocereetle Horn Squeeze Rhinocereetle Racial Power
You pick up your foe and squeeze him with the mighty strength of your horns.
Standard Action Melee 1
Primary Target: One creature
Attack: Strength + 2 Vs. Reflex
Hit: You grab the target. Make a secondary attack.
Secondary Target: The creature you grabbed
Secondary Attack: Strength + 2 Vs. Fortitude.
Hit: 1d10 + Strength modifier damage, and the target is weakened. The creature remains in your grip.

11th Level: Strength + 4; 2d10 + Strength modifier damage
21st Level: Strength + 6; 3d10 + Strength modifier damage.

Rhino Tank Beetle Rhinocereetle Utility 6
You put all of weight on the tips of your feet and charge with full weight heading toward your foe.
Free Action Personal
Trigger: You charge.
Effect: Your attack is a guaranteed hit and the foe takes full damage plus an extra strength modifier damage.

11th Level:1d4 + Strength modifier damage
21st Level:2d4 + Strength modifier damage.

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(life span is about 100 years)

Rhinocereetles were once small beetles that crawled around in the abyss and underground all across the world. Then the creatures, who lived in these places, needed a source of entertainment as life there is without joy. They began to set up small battles of these beetles to see which beetle was stronger. It began with putting them on platforms to see which can push the others off. Then the beetles began to grow at immense rates, growing in strength and in size. Until finally they decided to let their local wizard to make them as large as orcs and as strong as giants. They create arenas to allow these creatures to battle to the death. This grows out of hand and the Rhinocereetles kill all who force them to fight then take over most of the abyss. Continuing the arenas in their own style and creating strong armies.

Play a Rhinocereetle if you want...

  • To be a really big and menacing bug.
  • To be a giant brute force of strength.
  • To cause hilarity as you bluff your way through life, fooling everyone you ever meet.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Fighter, Barbarian and Warlord classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Normally, Rhinocereetles are quite large and bulky, and you live up to that. Your bulk is mostly from your thick and dense natural armor covering all of your body. This armor is able to withstand most damage and makes you a walking tank. The armor comes in a variety of colors, from deep black, dark blue, or dark purple. But this bulk comes with a price, you are unable to be agile and can only be a physical powerhouse. You also have a large horn atop the tip of your skull with a smaller opposable horn able to constrict foes. Within Rhinocereetle communities there are contests on who's horn are stronger and larger.

Playing a Rhinocereetle[edit]

Rhinocereetle are naturally strong, and are therefore well suited for the Bloodrage Barbarian and Brawler Fighter builds. Their natural ability of a high AC leaves them able to be a Blackgaurd Paladin or a Cavalier Paladin. Rhinocereetles are always looking for a fight or possibly cause a fight because of their breeding. Sometimes, to stay in complete character, Rhinocereetles will blindly run into battle without reason or join one just for the fun of it. Rhinocereetles are known to stay silent until absolutely necessary because they would rather let its actions speak for themselves.

Rhinocereetle Characteristics: Brave, Bold, Silent, Menacing

Male Names: Anthropod, Scarab, Kabuto

Female Names: Coleoptera, Insecta, Mushi

Rhinocereetle Adventurers[edit]

One sample Rhinocereetle adventurers are described below.

Scarab is a Barbarian, proud of his beetle origins. He keeps in close touch to his brutish nature, lending power from the primal spirits and his own brute nature to mow down foes with his giant hammer. He lived a comparably quiet life as he fought in arenas until they let him go. He had no more release for his anger and he began to journey the world looking for fights to win.

Rhinocereetle Feats[edit]

Improved Rhinocereetle Horn

Rhinocereetle Utility Powers[edit]

Battle Honed Skill Rhinocereetle Utility 6
You put your honed senses to a good use, your nose telling you the nearest location of food with pinpoint accuracy.
Free Action Personal
Trigger: You become bloodied.
Effect: All attacks gain strength modifier damage. This lasts until you are no longer bloodied or until the encounter is over.

11th Level:1d4 + Strength modifier damage
21st Level:2d4 + Strength modifier damage.

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