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Revelry Domain[edit]

Granted Powers[edit]

You use your Charisma score instead of Wisdom for the purpose of determining effects of Revelry domain spells.

Revelry Domain Spells[edit]

  1. Charm Person - Makes one person believe they are your friend.
  2. Hideous Laughter - Subject collapses with laughter, falling prone.
  3. Glibness - Makes any lie undetectable and easy to believe.
  4. AllegroSpell Compendium - Increases party's movement speed.
  5. CelebrationSpell Compendium - Intoxicates subjects.
  6. Suggestion, mass - Multiple creatures follow a set course of action.
  7. Persistent Image - As major image, but requiring no concentration.
  8. Hidden LodgeSpell Compendium - Creates a camouflaged shelter.
  9. Irresistible Dance - Subject is forced to dance uncontrollably.

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