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The religions of Teoryran have different names for their generally distant and uncaring deities. There are many different religions around the same deities.

Human religions are usually coming from upbringing in any of the Korad related fiefdoms or Baronies.

Religion in Korad[edit]

The dominating State Church of Korad is the Church of Saint Korad. The State is thorn between these many state religions all consider themselves the state religion as opposed to the false records of the heretical state religions.

In the Korad Kingdom, several grand baronies and royal famility factions is splitt between many opposing monotheistic religions. The State enforces different state religions, previliges are given to believers. Rival monotheistic religions are supported by great baronies and dutcheries and the knightly orders.


Korads are feudal religions in the sense that the Knights rule by the Grace of Gods. The feudal society is created by..., for ..and in the image of Koradite religions. Knights are created as religious warriors and the tyrants represents the system in heaven. Knights or kings doesn't have to be particular religious, rather their style of war and laws are. Becouse they are the proxies by Grace of the Gods they have religious previliges to enjoy luxeries and pleasures that for serfs and priests are sinfull except for premartial sexuality between nobles, thats what maids are for. Nobles are allowed such things as clothes, parfumes and sometimes even reading and writing. Only the Nobles of Korad have religious freedom but within unspoken and arbitrary limits In effect the knights and their overlords have religious freedrom between any religion but several non state religions opposes and stops the state religions. Such non sate religions are the Knightly Orders that are in fact secret cults.


The serfs and citizens have no religious freedrom they adopt the state religion of their vassal lord. Serfs are indoctrinated to a random one of state religions of Korad or the religion that their land lord or the Bishop in that serfdom. Some Serfs go heretic and if they survive long enough they may discover another religion. Religion treats the serf opposite to the lords, it's beats down with all its might and preach hard work all life without pay and then you get to Hell. Priests preach that at the end of the world they who have worked hard will be ressurected and freed from hells. Priests teach the Serfs worships zombie Saints and Saint lichees as heavenly creatures that have been ressurected becouse they where good in life. Sefs must hide their women in huds, must only wear brown or gray, can not own any selfish property and are forbidden to wash or use any such things as combs or ribbons in their hair. Serfs are basically trained to become little else than monks without the respect.


The church is the remains of an older government in which a god or deity is recognized as the state's supreme civil ruler and the preists enforce these powers. This priesthod was orginally created as Inquisitors. The it was a church with the sole purpose of trying and convicting heretics not to administer rituals but they did provide spiritual guidiance. The religion itself was common tradition. Later the Inquisitors Church evolved into a office with authority over rights to administer religious rites and the duty to teach true rigtht and wrong and inspire on uncritical zeal! All Priests preach the Divine Right of Kings, a political and religious doctrine of royal absolutism. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving his right to rule directly from the will of God. Priests of mankind are cruel, intolerant and fanatical. They go hand in hand with every forces of repression, brutality, religious and political intolerance, and intellectual and artistic backwardness


Despite monotheism and the state-religion Korad is the home of many churches with different religions and the Heretical religions of Korad are to many to mention. Most churches generally share the same ideas about how the serfs should leave their lives and generally its easier to preach for the ones that are small than you are.

  • family values

The churches celibate opposes family values Out of fear that powerful families could threaten the church or they King( they tell the King).

  • the Korad ban certain weapons that they consider are immoral.

New weapon technology is therefore made impossible. Serfs are forbidden to have weapons. Knights must fight against knights with sword and lance. Raged weapons are forbidden to kill a noble or King But can be used by guards. This allows the nobles to easily detect and kill rebels, by killing Everyone with an illegal weapon or every serf with a weapon.

  • Art

The clergy monopolize and ban art. Art is meant to celebrate the gods or god only and not entertain sinners. The Churches seek the denial or at least the systematic ignorance of all that is favorable and beautiful in the various manifestations of culture and art.

  • War

There are much cruelty in the proceedings undertaken by priest to implant the their Faith or defend it. Pegan or heretic nearby villages and towns must be to be destroyed completely, If they are not, they will corrupt the Korad with their religion and detestable practices and will cause Korad to fall away from the Gods. It is also a Knights to Gods to wage crusade against all unbelievers. If two believers wage war the right side is the side with purest faith. The warriors are but the Gods hands and the enemy have chosen heir own destruction. The Killings are sacrifices to clean the original sin. Priests often lead processions are going house to house in an attempt to convert everyone and are using whatever means necessary.

  • Knowledge,

They are mad with superstition, in their iron clad opposition to all spiritual progress and any intellectual activity. The clergy banned reading and all knowledge’s. Clergy monopolise knowledge. All books are considered sacred scriptures and Therefore they have to be protected from profane and worldly readers. Controlled readers are trained to read it according to tradition. All truth is delivered from theological argument from an bureaucracy. Experimenters and researchers are killed. for their pride. Priests put primary emphasis on the authority and perfection of the holy scriptures, and cultural conservatism as an important aspect of a moral life.

  • Architecture

The world cannot change as the gods created it. The church are therefore extremely afraid of cities And castles being build and changing the landscape. The solution is to build massive cathedrals And religious statues and other religious building. Surprisingly churches favours great and impressive buildings

  • Medicine

The clergy studies herbs and salves which common people mistake for Witches expertise. The churches Teach that usually that sound morality and faith of lack thereof Cause sickness and health. The world cannot change as the gods created it. Accidents and diseases are therefore seen moral cookies. Curing too much would make People stop caring for their health But to much diseases makes people doubt in the God.

Medicine is only sold through “repentance with money” Which makes the offer only available to a select group of friend to the medicine seller that are judged For their repentance and religious qualities. Other than that the less judgemental universal treatment is rest, and good food for a bed in a monastery. The same applies to potions and healing spells.

  • Sexuality

Lust is an evil thing that makes humanity depressed and Is only caused by unhappiness. Its also totally Opposed to what makes humans human beings. The only thing man needs is faith. All lust is rape and incest which leads to premature death. Lust is not needed to make children, good people make children without giving in to lust.

Religions by List[edit]

Armadism Humanism.

  • Dogma:

The Koradzyr, are reformists that worship Korad as a god as himself and doing so they want to exterminate knighthoods and allow trade, marriges for priest and heretical armies of payed soldiers from the lower classes. They also want to destroy luxery in the Churches and go back to basics.

  • Objective moral :lawfull
  • Symbol: The Bludgeon and the Crown
  • Dogma:
The dominating religion is Armadus the religion
founded by Korad himself, and his many books
who all amount as sacret scriptures.
  • Dogma:

Armadus is the one God. Korad was not a God,he was a man with the Crown of Wisdom. Feudalism and a hard monarch is the will and creation of the One God. .Feudalism and a hard monarch is the will and creation of the One God. The Virtues are art and war.


The gods are powerfull creatures pretending. Universe was created as a perfect clockwork before there where Gods. The Gods exist but should not be allowed to warp reality for their own benefits but yet they grant humans spells for their own purposes. Pandeists worships dieties that are passive and seldom interfere unless needed. Pandeism insist that their Gods leave mortals to create their own moralities

The Church of Xeus..

Is a group of churches dedicated to various religions around the God Xeus.

  • Symbol:The Eight Crossed Golden Plate with Perfect Golden Face in its Centre.
  • lawfull

Korad was not a God,he was a man with the Crown of Wisdom. Feudalism and a hard monarch is the will and creation of the One God. Xeus, is the one true God.

Dogma:, mankind is the manifestation of the God. The God is the First Man, he is perfect but from him mankind has become a shadow of Xeus, corrupted by non humans. Xeus salvation shall purge the human race and purge the weak. All human races must be extreminates and Xeus Salvation will ressurected humanity from its racial defilement. For that reason Death was created. The religion makes a racist distinction between different human groups and cultures but at the same time claims all cultures as their own.


Kared was Xeus Paladin.


Kared was Xeus earthly incarnation.Armadus is an heresy in the name of Korad.

Village Cults

  • Dogmas

worship a diety of the village and give sacrifices. In return the land shall prosper and the diety will cast misfortune on the villagers. Respect nature and obey your instincts., do not change the land without asking the God.

City Cults. City cults worships minors Gods of the local city. The God aids in war and refraim from harming the inhabitants. The villagers worships them out of fear and depedency.

Barony Gods These Gods personificating Baronies or other vessal lands. They are usually only accessable to one noble family that servet it for generations.

The Saint Cults. The Saint Cults are different sects from different religions that incorperated Korad in their belief systems. These faiths where once common among Korads vassal states that villingly joined the Kingdom but now not even the most loyal Koradites are spared from the Inquisitors.

All the Saint Cults of Korad share the following.

  • Dogma:

.Feudalism and a hard monarch is the will and creation of the One God. The Virtues are art and war. They claim the elevated Korad is one of their saints.

Zorialdom, The Saint Cults of Korad.


  • Dogma:.

The One God is the Gentle Sun

The Zoralists connect Korad with the Golden Shield. They claim the elevated Korad is one of his saints.

Zurialdom, The Saint Cults of Korad.

The one god is the Gentle Sun. The Zurialists connect Korad with The Gentle Sun. as her Champion on Earth.

Zalialdom,The Saint Cults of Korad.

The one god is the Gentle Sun. The Zurialists connect Korad with The Gentle Sun. as her Champion on Earth.

Zylialdom,The Saint Cults of Korad.

The one god is the Thausand Skies. The Zurialists connect Korad with The Thausand Skies as her Champion on Earth.

Talagdom,The Saint Cults of Korad.

The One God is the Trashing Stinger. Korad is a saint.

Religion in Mazakeen

Religion in the Red Shogunate[edit]

The Way of the Universe
The many Paths of the Way of the Universe
The Path of Mountains

Animist atheist : ( Shinto).

The Path of Universal Isle.

National animism .

The Path of Pure Land

National reincarnism (Pure land Budhism).

The Path of Zen. Militant reincarnist atheism ( Bushido Zen Buddhism).

The Path of Nomind.

An warrior path and reincarnist atheism.

The Path of The Shogun


The Path of the Clan

animist atheism and ancestor worship.

The Path of Void; animist atheism and elemental cult.

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