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The Primordials were the progenitors of the multiverse that surrounds Thrandill. Each of the aincents formed from a combination of these 4 primal beings.
Igna- Fire

Tarrn- Earth

Venti- Wind

Aquis- Water


Dec- Life&Death




















Frogilo-Secrets& Forgotten Knowledge









The Risen[edit]


  • Upriseing

Before Tortle began his life as a wanderer seeking to discover the secrets hidden within magic, he lived a simple life as an apprentice tortillian shaman. Nearing the end of his apprenticeship he was tasked by the village’s shaman to go discover the reason why the lakes surrounding his village were so bountiful and that the resulting information would give him the knowledge and understanding to take up the mantle of village shaman. Months past and Tortle returned to his village with the secrets of his homeland. However, the village had been destroyed by fire, which should have been impossible as his village was almost entirely made up of marshlands. Looking for answers to what could have happened to his home he stumbled across a message in the form of a magical rune left by his master. The rune explained that the followers of an unknown god had come to reclaim the homelands of his people in the name of their god, and that when his people tried to resist, they were burned away by the god’s holy fire. His master’s final wish was that Tortle did not try to avenge his people but rather find another place in which his people could start over again. Out of respect for his people and their customs he set out on a journey to find a place where he could call home, however this experience served as a reminder that those without the proper knowledge are powerless to defend themselves. Tortle wandered aimlessly gathering all the knowledge he could in every town that he found himself in. He found himself lost in study for years and was amazed at the different practical uses of magic that other races had come up with, however he saw war magics as uninspiring; it was much more interesting to control realty than to destroy it. Tortle decided that he would liberate his homeland from the cultists from so many years ago, but in accordance with his master’s wishes would not directly harm them. From this day forward he resolved himself to gain the power to control what could be a god, and he figured the only way to do this was to become a god himself.given that there was no known record of anyone achieving this feat he knew that he would have to obtain all the knowledge there was in the world.

  • Characteristics
    • Obsession with learning anything to do with magic
    • Is willing to sacrifice anything to gain more knowledge as he sees he has nothing to lose
    • Protects anything he considers a member of his flock
    • Does not use magic to hurt people, however he is not above creating other entities to do this
    • Considers anyone that is not his follower to be a tool to be used either through silver tongue or
    • Strong desire to control all situations and prevent personal loss
  • Special abilities
    • Can eat anything magical and understand it / break down its properties for his own use. He can just touch things to do this, but he prefers to eat them. When attempting to eat things a vacuum like effect is created as he magically folds space to get things into his mouth.
    • After eating so many things he has gained a separate dimension within his stomach where he may keep any number of things as the dimension can shrink or grow as needed.
    • After obtaining divinity Tortle can morph his physical appearance as he wishes and with each magical object, he has broken down he adds to his maximum size. His true form as evolved to that of a golden dragon turtle the size of a continent however, he assumes many different forms as he travels. He will often travel the different planes in search of some universal fundamental law that he wishes to unravel to gain a better understanding of the universe around him.
    • Has magically altered the geography atop his true forms shell to allow him to use it as instrument.
    • Tortle will rarely find it necessary to use force on someone however when using his own shell as a focus he can turn almost anything into his personal puppet by barraging their bodies with powerful soundwaves that daze the target while casting his spells. Once someone has become his puppet their memories are instantly altered in whatever way Tortle finds entertaining at the moment.

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