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Regional Maps[edit]

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Lost city of Siren's Sky
Village of Blackmoor
The city of Griffondale
Coast on which the village of Argos and the town of Colton reside
A prison-town just south of the Gray Coast.
Taldos and the surrounding forest.
The town of Shaleed
The town of Troth
The city of Orphium
Capital Region of Korad, the kingdom of humanity.
The Alabastrian Empire, Patronage
Duat, Patronage
The Fey Realm, Patronage
The Fire Mountains, Patronage
The Green Lands, Patronage
Mongrel Island, Patronage
Nereid Sea, Patronage
The Ochre Mountains, Patronage
Caliphate, Patronage
Carraway, Patronage
Chisel, Patronage
Dragonseye, Patronage
Ironguard, Patronage
Midhaven, Patronage
Minia, Patronage
Nidvalar, Patronage
Oncia, Patronage
Verdant, Patronage
Winteren, Patronage
The Barrens, Patronage
Blackscale Swamp, Patronage
The Dead March, Patronage
The Savage Sound, Patronage
The Wild Forest, Patronage
The territories Ascyrian's Orcs hold
House Harbringer
Map of Pianura
Kingdom of Nod
Kingdom of Nod II
Orc Valley
Cave in the woods
Map of the Moros Valley.
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