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A rating is an average of user grades for a page, each on a scale of 0-5 in four separate categories (Power, Wording, Formatting, and Flavor respectively). The scores on these categories are then added together for a total number out of 20. A rating for example, may be 17/20, 8.5/20, or even 0/20, though each time a user ranks a class that user should use a whole number score (i.e. no fractions or decimals; these will only be created when multiple ratings on a page are averaged).

Numbers and What they Mean[edit]

Rating System
# Power Wording Formatting Flavor
0 Overpowered to the point that it makes your character invincible. Alternately, underpowered to the point that it makes your character completely worthless. The wording makes no sense. The class is mostly gibberish. The class is written in completely plain text with no text emphasis at all. There is no flavor associated with this class. It is just a set of statistics.
1 The class is completely overpowered or underpowered. Almost every sentence has spelling and grammar errors. Most abilities do not make sense. Emphasis such as bolding and italics are used, but there is a clear lack of organization and no tables used. There is a discernible role for this class in a play setting, but not much information about it.
2 The class has a few balanced abilities, but is mostly overpowered or underpowered. There are many spelling and grammar errors. Most abilities are very unclear. Emphasis is used, plus headings are used. Tables are not used and organization could be improved. There is very little information about the class, but the idea behind the class is developed.
3 There are some sizable balance issues. There are occasional spelling and grammar errors. Several abilities are unclear. Tables are used, but there are errors in the table and/or the organization of the page is confusing. There are several good tidbits of information about the class, but it needs fleshing out.
4 Just needs some tweaking to be balanced. There are a few spelling and grammar errors. A few abilities are unclear. The page is well formatted but not linked. The class has a good background, but needs some tweaking.
5 Well balanced. There are no spelling or grammar errors. Abilities are clearly worded. The formatting for the page is stellar. The class has a good role in the game and integrates well into a setting. The flavor is well thought out.

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