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Holy symbol of Rakashan

The shackled god, Father of Rebellion, The tyrant killer...

Symbol: A clenched fist breaking shackles.
Home Plane: Arborea/Warrior's rest
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Liberation, Rebellion, Slaves.
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good
Domains: Chaos, Liberation, Luck, Retribution.
Favored Weapon: Shortspear

Rakashan began life as a mortal, he showed great promise as a warrior and philosopher when he was captured by the Drow and made a slave. For decades he toiled and silently resented his masters, but he hated the treatment that the slave children received daily by their cruel masters. Finally he could take no more and hatched a daring plan to kill their slave masters and escape, while his plan was successful Rakashan himself was struck down by a stray arrow during the escape. Even in death Rakashan's soul remained bound to the Drow city, many slaves would see a specter scowling at the slave masters but would smile at them. In death those he had saved spread his legend across the lands and he slowly over the years gained enough of a following to enable him to transcend death and become a god. Now Rakashan leads a campaign against all who would use tyranny and oppression.


No man should enslave another, no matter the method used. Use whatever free time you have to spread the word of Rakashan and through him the spirit of freedom. Work to cast down tyrants who care only for themselves and to free those they forcibly employ. Recognize that society cannot function without law, but when these laws no longer protect the people that they must be destroyed. Support freed slaves and aid their recovery until they can function on their own.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The small shrines dedicated to Rakashan bring unease to rulers and those in law enforcement, so they are often disguised to look like nondescript rocks or crumbling ruins of other faiths. Clerics of Rakashan often must hide their faith while in public to avoid confrontation, partly due to paranoid rulers and otherwise more powerful clergy that dislike their beliefs.

The organization of Rakashan's clergy is usually sloppy and unkempt, until there's something of importance to do. Then and only then do they band together and form a simple hierarchy to free slaves or bring down a tyrannical lord, once their business is concluded Rakashan's followers return to their normal activities to avoid suspicion. They also aid run away slaves and help them start over however they can and aid other forces against raiders.

Prayers to Rakashan are meant to be done as quietly as possible, so the oppressed can avoid suspicion and the lash of their masters. Clerics pray at dusk with their fist turned towards the heavens, more zealous clerics wear broken shackles on their wrists to emulate their devotion to freedom.

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