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Identity Crisis[edit]

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You were raised from infancy away from your people and as a result you have acquired the skills of those you grew up with.

For example: A dwarf raised among elves would not be very dwarven, just as an elf raised among dwarves would not be very elven. both of these would still retain their inherent skills and abilities but neither would develop the skills or abilities that come from life among their own kind.

Creating a char with an Identity Crisis[edit]

This is an acquired template and can apply to any race. However it can only be applied at char creation. Please remember that because of the opinionated nature of this template, it will ultimately be up to you to clear it with your DM. The purpose of this template is to give a creature more character. Feel free to use the inherent idea to match your specific vision however u please.

Size and Type[edit]

The base creature retains its normal size category, however if the host race is of a size category smaller they will be small for their race as a result of environmental conditions or larger if the host race is of a size category larger.

Hit Dice[edit]

Hit dice become that of the host race.


The base creatures base speed stays the same.

Armor Class[edit]

There are no changes to base ac.


Base creature picks up the weapon use of the host race. If the host race has natural weapons and the base creature does not the base creature will mimic the natural weapons with manufactured ones. If the opposite is true the base creature will learn to wield weapons instead of using the natural ones. No physical change is wrought and the character may ultimately decide what to use.

Full Attack[edit]

Full attacks are determined by class level.

Special Attacks[edit]

Special attacks that are the result of time spent among the base race, would be replaced with those of the host race. Any natural attacks would remain the same.

Special Qualities[edit]

Special qualities that are the result of time spent among the base race would be exchanged for those resulting from time spent among the host race.


The base char retains all his racial ability modifiers but disperses them as his host class would. For example dwarf normally has a +2 to con and -2 to wis. If he was raised among humans he would be able to distribute his +2 and -2 to any of his stats since humans have no racial mods. If he was raised by elves he would get +2 to dex and-2 to con. (this could be explained by elven food leaving him slightly malnourished and elven training making him more dexterous.) He would not become as dexterous as a true elf but as a result of his upbringing he would be more dexterous than any of his fellow dwarves. In other words, if the base creature is raised among a race with more or less ability modifiers they would retain their original mods but could divide them as the host race does.


Innate skills would remain the same but any learned skills would be exchanged for those of the host race. For example a dwarf raised among elves would lose his appraise and craft (stone or metal) bonuses and would instead learn to craft and appraise leather and wood.


This template in itself doesn't add or remove feats but if your race or the host race normally has feats, you lose them or acquire them based on your choice for host. For example a human raised among elves would lose the extra feat normally gained at first level. While an elf raised among humans would gain one.


The base creature must grow from infancy to adulthood among the host race.


The rare nature of this template results in a lack of organization

Challenge Rating[edit]

User discretion is advised


Usually same as the host race


Usually the same as the host race


By char class

Level Adjustment[edit]


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