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Keep the elves under control. Fend off Bas'Mera. Placate the valkaries. Look for more soldiers. Hire some mercenaries. Keep the entire country going. There's too much to do!
—Alystinia, faery queen of Rytha.

Rytha is the northernmost country on the mainland, and is at war with Bas'Mera. It is also an extremely divided country. Three centuries ago, the faeries wrested control away from the elven regime, aided by the elves' constant disputes among themselves. Since that time, they have ruled in an uneasy atmosphere of racist hatred and constant attacks by Bas'Mera. The faeries must constantly keep a watchful eye on the rebellious elves, while at the same time attempting to make alliances with Chirrika, Elgador, and Salahandrae, keep the pixy slavers under control, and keep their woodlands safe from monstrous threats. Needless to say, Alystinia, the Queen of Rytha, has a very stressful job.


Rytha was founded three and a half thousand years ago, when several elven tribes (the dusk, sun, and the now extinct wild elves) banded together for greater security against the trolls and ogres in the south (who at that time were two separate nations). 487 years after the original founding, the faeries joined the elves, and they titled their new nation "Kyorra", off of the elven words for fate (kya) and power (orran). After about another thousand years, the pixies were integrated into the nation, fleeing their native land of Eingwen, which was then taken over by the recently formed country of Bas'Mera. The pixies were taken into Kyorra mostly out of pity, as the elves, faeries, and pixies all shared a common ancestor, the asharai. However, once the pixies were there, they were there to stay.


The three playable races of Rytha


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