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The Silver Lands are home to many races, some are mostly "limited" to a specific country (Rytha, Bas'Mera, or other) but others are more general (such as the changelings or onlar)

Races of Bas'Mera[edit]

Bas'Mera also includes the hobb race, which is given as a monster.

Races of Rytha[edit]

Rytha also includes sprites and bodachan (boggarts and brownies), which are given as monsters.

Races of Elgador[edit]

Elgador is a brutal and primitive island country, with it's races collected into several tribes. it also includes the grugach, which are given as a monster.

Races of Valkar[edit]

Valkar is the home of the valkaries, norns, and the mysterious einherjar, fanatacally loyal warriors who serve the valkaries unquestioningly.

Other Races[edit]

These races are all either from single race countries (i.e. the salamanders and gnomes) or are not affiliated with any country (i.e. the banshees and daemonborn).

The UnderRealm[edit]

The UnderRealm is the rather derisive name that the people of Rytha, Bas'Mera, and most other nations title the extensive tunnels and caverns that lie miles below the surface of the Silver Lands. While not much contact is made between the UnderRealm and the Surface, occasionally people from the UnderRealm wander to the Surface to make their way as adventurers. Occasionally. There are two organized countries in the UnderRealm, the Serpent Nation of Nagakama and Zizar.


Here are some of the warriors of the common races detailed here.

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