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The "Prime" Races[edit]

Real Dragon[edit]

Real Dragon (5e Race)

Real Dragon is a race that descends from dragons harnessing there natural power and strength and are treated with kindness hoping that one of them will rise up and take over the throne of the overlord.

The Real Dragon Race has few an according to a prophecy that only few know of it states that a 11th generation Real Dragon will fight and overthrow the overlord and bring peace to the land.Highly valued for their ability to exhale destructive magic from their mouths it makes them a very powerful and destined for greatness or so they say.


[[Shadowborn, Variant (5e Race)] are sneaky figures who are meant to aid the Real Dragon in the quest to kill the overlord.because of the natural stealthiness them make excellent thieves and rogues.They were born in shadowfell but some can still be found in Vanchilia. This makes them and ally to quickly get their ally's to safety with their innate ability to cast darkness 1 once a day.

War Born[edit]

War Born (5e Race) are a violent race who loves to have wars they are common in Vanchilia. This makes them an excellent ally to the Real Dragons and they despise using shadow and trickery to win their battles this makes them a natural enemy to the shadow born.War Born are mostly primal fighters because they rely on sheer instinct that thinking maybe they don't even think at all.

Other Races[edit]


The human race is a very common one almost every where you can

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