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Nimda is a very diverse place full of multiple races. Before selecting a player race, here is a little more information about how they function in the world of Nimda.


See Corado.

The corado are the main in habitant of The Nightmare Plane. Although not innately evil they are creatures born of desire and suppression making them extremely vain and arrogant. They are looked down upon by the races of Nimda as second class citizens and there are laws that prevent them from settling in certain places. However some of the corado have attempted to extend an olive branch to the Kingdom of Malabaster by setting up their own cities away from the capitol and continuing to pay taxes and participating as part of the kingdom. Their Yoshire known as Rothin is a decent city and many of the corado who live here simply wish to be left in peace and not be persecuted for the sins of their brothers and sisters. They are led on the material plane by a corado woman named Acissej or Queen Aci.



Humans are incredibly diverse in just about every aspect. They can appear very differently and don't generally have an average way of thinking. However, humans are known to be a bit brutish when it comes to power and obtaining it. For this reason, many races are uneasy when a human takes a position of power over. Humans are all over the globe in Nimda and are known for their adaptability.



The elves are thought to be the first race that was created by the good gods as an attempt to capture their regality and ties to life itself. Elves have the most permanent cities and settlements of any race in Nimda and their thought process on others is split into three very unique schools. The first, and thankfully least common, of these is that the other races are inferior to the elves and they should learn their place. The second one is that the other races are beneath them, but since they are it is the elves obligation to help them. This is how the majority (probably about 65%) of elves think in Nimda. The last one is that all the races are equal which only barely more common than the first kind. This superiority complex has caused great friction with the other races at times but for the most part the elves tend to get along.



Dwarves are much as they are in the SRD. They live in mountains and hills often carving cities out of the very rock itself, with the largest of these being the city off Fallenedge which looks over the entirety of the Plains of Hardast. Dwarves allow other races to enter, trade and stay in their cities but only dwarves and mitocabra are allowed to live in the cities as the dwarves think very highly of their race and their goat-halved cousins the mitocabra. This causes some tension between dwarves and the other races since they consider themselves so advanced, however some dwarves still acknowledge their faults and the abilities of other races even if it is begrudgingly and very uncommon.


See Mitocabra.

The mitocabra are slightly more tribal version of their cousin the dwarves. Mitocabra are very rarely found outside of the highest mountains, but every now and again will live in settlements in the hills with dwarves. Mitocabra don't think poorly of other races, they simply only trust their own and dwarves. Therefore, mitocabra that do venture out or become adventurers usually have a very serious reason for leaving their homesteads, and more times than not is in response to either a banishment or being pulled into slavery. Since they are less advanced then other races, some creature view them as stupid and only fit for work, but people who try to control these stubborn dwarven blooded creatures often take on a challenge far stronger than they expected.

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