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Because this universe is so flexible when it comes to what is possible, I feel that the damages and ranges of these rounds should not be limited to what is written here, but rather what the player and dm believe.

The world of RWBY has a system similar to elemental magic in the form of Dust. This substance is known to have four basic forms: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, and several other forms- many of which seem to be hybrids of other forms; i.e. Lightning, Light, and Kinetic forms of dust. Now, while there is dust to be had, I, being the creative devil I am, decided that maybe dust wasn't enough for some players. Maybe some players want an alternative to dust, and maybe some want to play without dust as a challenge (I'd do it). Well, both kinds will be explained on this single page (what? saving space on a wiki?), so buckle in, it'll be a good ride.

Note- Because these bullets react differently to different situations, it is up to the dungeon master's interpretation of the situation to give specifics of damage boosts.

Let's begin with the former, dust. In the series, Dust is, alongside man's intuition, claimed to be the reason why mankind has survived for so long in a world of dangerous monsters. Dust can be in two forms, as a powdery substance that is fine enough to create a puff of it that lingers in the air, and as a crystalized form that seems to be quite a bit more rare and far more potent. Dust is used in rounds as both propellant and projectile, and is also used to strengthen weapons. It can be assumed that powder is what is used for the cheaper ammunition and cartridges, while crystals are used for the destructive kinds. Alternatively, it seems that the form which dust is in varies between weapon for many non-ranged weapons.

  • Ranged Use
  • Fire Cartridge- These cartridges are known to explode on impact, usually fiery, flame-ridden impacts.
  • Fire Crystal Pure- These are used for large explosions or that special occasion when you really want someone to die.
  • Water Cartridge- These cartridges are infamous for their ability to freeze the water in air, making very convenient spiky things for enemies to land on.
  • Water Crystal Pure- These rounds can freeze very large areas solid, and, depending on the type of bullet, can range from widespread to precise.
  • Earth Cartridge- Though the player and dm's minds can decide what reasonable quality these cartridges have, these rounds can make structures similar to those of water dust.
  • Earth Crystal Pure- These rounds are able to cause high impact damage and rip through enemies and walls alike.
  • Air Cartridge- These rounds can manipulate the air around a foe and force them back or travel at faster speeds.
  • Air Crystal Pure- These rounds can make a silent explosion that forces enemies away on all sides and can travel at incredible speeds.
  • Kinetic Cartridge (Repulsion, Propulsion)- These cartridges can either propel themselves forward or force enemies back.
  • Kinetic Crystal Pure- A much more powerful version of the cartridges.
  • Lightning Cartridge (Wind and Fire Pre-req)- Causes electric shocks and moves quickly.
  • Lightning Crystal Pure- Comes at the foe as a bolt of lightning.
  • White/Light Cartridge (Energy)- Similar to the attack Weiss Schnee used against the Goliath Knight in her trailer. Use your imagination.
  • White/Light Crystal Pure
  • Melee Use (Okay, use your imaginations on these)
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Water
  • Kinetic (Repulsion, Propulsion)
  • Earth
  • Lightning (Wind and Fire Pre-req)
  • Mechanical (Earth and Fire Pre-req)- These used in a fashion similar to Weiss Schnee's mechanical glyph, which seems to boost the abilities of whoever it is used on.
  • White/Light (Energy)

Okay, now for my own creation- the non-dust rounds. These bullets are made for the guy that wants to break the system. They are also product of my imagination, and thus any possible ties they might have to Rooster Teeth are severed. Please Note that these rounds have little technical explanation, so it is up to the dm's imagination to use them effectively. I am able to easily calculate things like what dice a player will roll for damage, but that does not go for all DMs. Please also note that these rounds are meant to be far more powerful than the dust rounds in their final forms (respectively). That is why it would be unfair for a player to compare a pure fire crystal to flicker rounds. Flicker rounds are way more powerful, and for good reason: They cost more. If a player wants Flicker rounds, they have to go through 5 prerequisite mods, not including the "Right Dealer" mod. That is why I made these- for smart players. Players that understand that they have to wait in order to gain incredible power.

  • Popper Ammo (Small pop, tiny chance to catch fire)
  • Lighter Ammo (small fire chance)
  • Cigarette Rounds (medium fire chance)
  • Cigar Rounds (large catch chance)
  • Flamethrower (shell contains mixture of flammable powders that catch flame once they hit a solid object)
  • Flicker Rounds (“Like napalm in a shot glass”)
  • Tiny Explosive
  • Small Explosive
  • Large Explosive
  • Tapper Rounds (Tank Buster on steroids)
  • Bone Breaker (blunt, painful)
  • Knock Knock (blunt, non-lethal)(“Like 22 sledge hammers politely asking for entrance into your face”)
  • Tracer Rounds (customizable color)

All aspects of RWBY are owned by Rooster Teeth, not me.

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