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Quick traps are light, portable traps designed to be crafted earlier and then deployed quickly when needed. Generally, they are cheaper, easier to make, but less effective than normal traps found in dungeons. They can be tough to spot, but if someone is looking for them, they will probably find it. Even though some of these traps use magical components, and thus need a caster to create, they are designed to be deployable by anyone with a basic knowledge of how they work. Most can be made better by adding poison, in which case the cost of the poison is added to the cost.

A rogue who beats a quick trap’s DC by 10 or more with a Disable Device check is able to study the trap, disarm it, and pick it up for later use.

Need to slow down pursuers? Need to rig a quick surprise? Need to plan an ambush in a few minutes? Great!

Mechanical; proximity trigger; no reset; full round setup; Atk +5 5ft range (alchemist’s fire); 2lb; Spot DC 20; Search DC 10; Disable Device DC 15. Market Price: 150GP. Craft: Alchemist’s fire + 20GP + 2 hours, DC 15.

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