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A pyromancer is a type of Wizard that specializes in fire spells.

Through years as a basic Wizard, Pyromancers have risen above the rest. These mages have total control over fire and love every moment of the burning. Pyromancers are all about fire, that's all. Burn it all and smile as the flames consume all.

Ability Scores and Skills[edit]

Arcane Implement Mastery[edit]

Whilst pyromancers may choose any arcane implement mastery, they can also take the wand of fire.

Wand of Fire[edit]

Wizards who take the wand of fire arcane implement mastery are more effective at burning things. When rolling damage for a wizard power with the Fire keyword, you can re-roll dice that show a 1 until they result in a value greater than 1.


A list can be found Pyromancer Powers (4e Power List).

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