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Sorcerer Subclass

Your magic comes from ancient forbidden techniques of manipulating animated dolls. Dark magic is infused in your blood, and you know ways of controlling puppets to do your bidding.

Doll Master

At level 1, you gain the ability to summon puppets. As a bonus action action you can summon an animated doll of cloth and textiles, appearing however you choose, anywhere within 60 feet, lasting for 1 hour. You must use a hand to maintain control of the puppet(s) through an ethereal string, but maintaining them does not take concentration. Any or all puppets summoned can be dispelled as a bonus action. At level 1, this feature can be used a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus before taking a long rest.


  • Do not have their own initiative. All actions are part of your turn.
  • Must be medium or small size, and are considered constructs.
  • Cannot speak or interact beyond basic movements expected from a puppet.
  • Have general stats are equal to yours, including saving throws and ability checks.
  • Have HP equal to 3 times your sorcerer level + your spellcasting ability modifier.
  • Have AC equal to 10 + your dexterity modifier.
  • When the puppet takes magical damage, you take half. This does not affect concentration
  • As a bonus action you can move the puppet(s) up to your movement speed, but not beyond a 60 ft range
  • You can use your action to instruct the puppet(s) to perform these basic actions: Dash, Help, Grapple, Disengage, Use Object, Ready, Shove, Dodge, Escape

Dexterous Maneuvers

At 6th level, you become adept at fine-tuning puppet movements. You learn Channel Spell and two more commands of your choice from the following list. You can instruct one puppet to execute a learned command. Additionally, by spending a sorcery point as a bonus action your puppets can make ranged spell attacks of 50 feet and deal 1d10+ charisma modifier damage of your choice of fire, acid, cold, lightning, thunder or poison .

  • Command: Channel Spell

When casting a spell, you can choose to cast it from the puppet instead. The puppet performs the somatic components while you perform the verbal/material components. If a puppet casts a concentration spell, the master maintains the concentration. Any range restrictions are considered from the puppet’s position; if a puppet's death would cause a concentration spell to leave range, the spell ends.

  • Command: Swap

As a bonus action, you instantly swap places with the puppet without provoking opportunity attacks

  • Command: Sacrifice

Choose any number up to the puppet’s current hit points. As an action, the puppet suffers this much damage, and you heal half.

  • Command: Protect

When a creature within 5 feet of the puppet is attacked, you can use your reaction to give the creature bonus AC equal to your dexterity modifier.


At level 14, you are able to control two puppets at once. Two can be summoned as a bonus action, both can be moved as a bonus action, and you can instruct each to perform any basic action listed under Doll Master as your action. Additionally, the puppets attack increases to 2d10+ charisma modifier, only one puppet may attack.

Empowered Channeling

At level 18, when you channel a spell through a puppet, the spell is upgraded by one level. For example, casting "fireball" at 5th level upgrades it to level 6, still costing a level 5 slot.

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