Pull of Darkness (3.5e Sacrifice)

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Pull of Darkness
Greater; 7th

So powerful your mastery with the Gate is, it begins to manifest physically into the world. With the focus of your mind, a point in space opens into a black sphere and begins to draw all living and undead creatures within a 30 ft radius unto it (constructs are unaffected). Make a special bull rush attempt, using your caster level plus your ability score (Wisdom) for your check. Those who fail against the bull rush are pushed as close to the center as they can. If they had failed against the bull rush, any attempts to move away will results in them having to push against the bull rush force again, which may negate their movement and drag them farther in.

The Pull of Darkness lasts for 3 rounds + concentration up to 1 round per caster level.

Health Cost: -13.

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