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Name: Psychism (Su)
Infection DC: N/A
Incubation: N/A
Damage: N/A

Psychism is the mental burden and its ensuing effects on the mind and behavior of Soulclaine, the priests of Modroben. Known for the act of soulcleaving, they magically devour a small portion of the brains of the dead, preventing undeath and transferring guilt and sorrow from the deceased and their survivors to the cleaver. The years of training and mystique that surround the Soulclaine is designed to help each priest deal with the pain of the cleaved souls.

The most important coping technique is mindfulness, which Soulclaine practice through meditation, artwork, prayer, martial arts or other contemplative activities. Soulclaine must practice mindfulness, to the exclusion of any other activity, for one hour per level every day. After fifth level, Soulclaine may subtract their Wisdom modifier from the amount of time they must practice mindfulness.

Every time a Soulclaine cleaves, she must make a Psychism Check, which is a Will Save that allows the use of the Soulclaine's Concentration bonus. The DC is 15 but may be increased at the DM's discretion, typically if the victim is a close friend or a child, or if there are numerous bodies to cleave. A result of 1 is always a failure. Failure on this roll results in mental anguish effectively incapacitating the Soulclaine for 1d6 hours (subtract Wisdom modifier, minimum of 1). This mental incapacitation may take the form of depression, a psychotic episode, fugue state or an obsessive or manic phase. If life-threateningly urgent needs arise, the Soulclaine may continue to make Psychism Checks, but success indicates only that they are capable of minimally appropriate responses; they still can not use tactics, engage in normal conversation or do anything competently, as all rolls are cut in half (e.g. saves, damage, to hit, etc.).

Every time a Soulclaine rolls a 1 on a Psychism Check, he must roll one more time. The second roll has no bearing on the immediate issue, but if he fails (not necessarily on a 1) again, he gains a Permanent Psychism. Roll on the following table to determine what it is. The DM should determine the details of each result. It should be problematic yet not debilitating.

  • 01-10 Paranoia
  • 11-20 Obsession or compulsion
  • 21-30 Pyschosomatic ailment
  • 31-40 Auditory hallucination (e.g. internal voices)
  • 41-50 Tactile hallucination (e.g. bugs under skin)
  • 51-60 Visual hallucination (e.g. unreal people)
  • 61-70 Obsessive or compulsive thoughts
  • 71-80 Manic state
  • 81-90 Depressive state
  • 91-00 Delusional belief

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