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Psychic Channeling [Psychic]

You can channel spell energy to fuel your psychic abilities.
Prerequisite: Ability to cast arcane or divine spells, Psychic Ability.
Benefit: When using a psychic skill, you can choose to expend one of your spell slots for the day to help fuel that skill, converting the magical energy into psychic power. The strain for the psychic skill use is reduced by an amount equal to the level of the spell slot squared, so a 3rd-level spell slot would reduce a skill’s strain by 9 points, for example (3 × 3). A skill’s strain cost cannot be reduced below 0, and any additional points from the spell slot are lost. If the spell slot is a prepared spell, you lose that spell. If it is a spontaneous spell slot, you lose the use of it for that day.
Special: Note that this feat does not work in reverse; you cannot suffer strain to cast additional spells per day, only convert spell energy into psychic fuel.

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