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Someone which existence has been touched by the far cosmos. Their power is so great that they're misunderstood to be gods.

Very rarely, great cosmos explorers, beings of incomprehensible power, tend to let their mark where they pass. It can vary much, from a simple unpredicted eclipse, to a death of a star. One of those marks are the pseudo-gods, those are who are born from the ones that had been influenced by the cosmic energy. They are inexplicably powerful, their energy doesn't resonate any arcane, divine or even psyonic auras. This nomenclature was given by ancient wizards, who found them as powerful as gods, but realized they hadn't divine power. The cosmic power within a pseudo-god keeps sleeping on their essence and won't have any influence to the pseudo-god's life unless they manage to awaken it. Pseudo-gods cannot be identified as one if their power still resting and even it was possible to, mere will isn't enough to awaken this power. Death isn't enough to awaken it, fact that may cause the few living pseudo-gods to never realize what they were. Only a cosmic influence can awaken it. Note that the pseudo-god must be treated as not having this template until they awaken their power, once it happens, they just acquire it.

Creating a Pseudo-God[edit]

Pseudo-Gods can be any creature, as long they have mind to awaken the power. Thereafter, this template can be applied to any sentient creature, called here as base creature.

Size and Type[edit]

Size is unaltered. Creature type becomes Outsider.

Hit Dice[edit]

Base creature's all hit dices increase to d12, current and forth. They have maximum hit points plus 15 per HD. Regard multiplying the total HP to 150%, from the Exceptional Vitality quality.


Every variation of speed is multiplied by ten. If the base creature hasn't a fly speed, they gain it as double as their land speed. Mundane circumstances that normally decrease speed, such as difficult terrain of heavy armor, will not affect the pseudo-god's speed, but other effects can affect as normal.

Armor Class[edit]

A pseudo-god's skin is surrounded by a dense cosmic barrier, one that increases 20 + 2/HD in AC. Also, the base creature gains 15 luck bonus, their Charisma bonus as deflection bonus and their Wisdom bonus as insight bonus on AC.


The base creature retains all natural weapons and the ability to use manufactured weapons.

Full Attack[edit]

The pseudo-god gains an additional attack when performing a Full Attack action. This attack stacks with any additional attack(even if this one doesn't)

Special Attacks[edit]

The pseudo-god retains all the base creature special attacks and gains the following:

Almighty Push(Su): As an move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity the pseudo-god may create a force field around themself, pushing the creatures and objects around 20ft away, causing 5d6/HD of the base creature. Pushed creatures can make a balance check(DC 10+caused damaged) to avoid falling. This can be only used once per round.

Cosmic Wave(Su): As an standard action, the pseudo-god releases a wave of cosmic energy with range of 60ft + 20ft/HD. It deals 10d10/2HDs of cosmic damage, which is not reduced by common resilience.

Special Qualities[edit]

The base creature retains all their special quality and gain the following:

Omniefficient: The pseudo-god knows all skills as class skills and gains a +15 luck bonus on all of them. In addition, they're able to use any type of weapon, armors and shields, including exotic ones. Treat the pseudo-god as proficient with all weapons, armors and shields. Every feat that is acquired that applies to only one weapon, armor or shield(such as Weapon Focus or Armor Specialization) is applied to all possible weapon, armor or shield they use. Note that this does not extend the type of weapons, armors and shields that a feat can affect, for example, the Weapon Finesse feat to beyond light weapons.


+20 to all abilities


Pseudo-Gods gain 16+Int modifier x2 skill points per Hit Die


A creature that acquires this template gains 5 additional feats, as though they had advanced 15 levels, and can take Epic Feats that they meet the prerequisites for, even if they do not have 21 or more Hit-Dice


As the base creature


Solitary (unique)

Challenge Rating[edit]



Triple Standard


As the base creature


By Hit-Dice or Character Class

Level Adjustment[edit]


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