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Provisions of "magic"[edit]

the rules of technology are fairly simple first of all magical identification goes haywire on tech such as registering a laser as a dragon coin. All equipment has charges but unlike wands they can be recharged at a rate of 10 per minute from a battery or generator.

Tech Levels
Level Labs Items Example
none no no middle earth
low no yes recluce to golorian
med unbuildable but yes yes atlantis
modern double price yes right now
2040 yes 25% price for modern tomorrowland
2060 50 % price 10% modern 25% 2040 the original star trek
higher 25% price 25% price 1 category lower 10% price 2 or more lower category's lower star trek next generation to time lord to Q or higher

The basics are simple all item's are treated as having a cl equal to that of the character using them. crafting an item requires lab of the proper type. depending on the technology level they will be nonexistent, available in predetermined areas are available to add as a room to your building. technology is made at 8 different labs:


The medical lab manufactures all medicinal products as well as all genetic equipment. a medical lab uses up 60 charges a day and cost 90000 GP to add


the particle lab is used to produce things such as hover cars (Graviton), or shrink rays (w Boson), or ion & warp drives. it uses up 175 charges a day cost 90000 GP to add to your building or 60000 GP if you have a ASER lab


the aser lab deals with beams of light or similar things laser stands for Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation this includes Lasers, Masers, Phaser (PHoton Maseru), Sasers (sonic), Gaser (gravity or γ-rays), pleasure (electron) so on and so forth. uses up 175 charges a day and cost 90000 GP to add to your building or 60000 GP if you have a Particle lab.


the nanite lab deals with tiny nanobots and nanogenes they have near limitless capabilities if you're creative enough, you can give someone say; a full plate that they can sleep in without penalty, then you can disintegrate the armor into nanogenes then stab the rich duke then have the swarm strangle the guards, all from a league away. It takes up 150 charges a day and cost 100000 GP to add to your building or 70000 GP if you have a computer lab.


the transport lab makes transport, from cars and motorcycles to galaxy class starships and Deathstars though the weapons have to be added on. it uses up 75 charges a day it costs 70000 GP to add to your building there are no discounts


the computer lab makes stuff such as intercoms, robots, power suits, and AIs. it uses 200 charges a day and cost 60000 GP to add to your building. the dm decides if you get discounts.


the explosives lab makes explosives such as TNT, nitro9, nukes, bazookas, guns, C-4, A.M.F.O, dynamite and a Richter 200 beam. it uses 2 charges a day, but cost's 5 GP per month in insurance and cost 5000 GP to add to your building 2500 GP if you have a general lab.


the general lab is used for anything that doesn't apply above. it it uses 20 charges a day and cost 9000 GP to add to your building 4500 GP if you have a general lab.

and now for the show.

Weapons firearms have two proficiency's exotic weapons(firearm) and heavy weapons heavy weapons are those such as maxim and railguns whereas firearms are rifle sized or smaller Here are some qualities:

Semi-Automatic: A semi-automatic weapon normally fires one shot as an attack. However, the user can take a swift action to fire it a second time, as if using the taking a -2 penalty on both attacks. If the wielder has the Rapid Shot feat, she can use the additional shot from that as well, but the penalty for all shots fired in that round increases to -6.

automatic: A weapon with the automatic weapon quality fires a burst of bullets with a single pull of the trigger, attacking all creatures in a line. This line starts from any corner of your space and extends to the limit of the weapon's range or until it strikes a barrier it cannot penetrate. When an automatic weapon attacks all creatures in a line, it makes a separate attack roll against each creature in the line. Each creature in the line can only be attacked with one bullet from each burst. Each attack roll takes a –2 penalty to account for recoil, and its attack damage cannot be modified by precision damage or damage-increasing feats such as Vital Strike. Effects that grant concealment, such as fog or smoke, or the blur, invisibility, or mirror image spells, do not foil an automatic weapon's line attack. If any of the attack rolls threaten a critical hit, confirm the critical for that attack roll alone. An automatic weapon misfires only if all the attack rolls made a misfire. A single attack with an automatic weapon fires 10 bullets. An automatic weapon cannot fire single bullets that target one creature. When taking a full-attack action with an automatic weapon, you can fire as many bursts in a round as you have attacks.

non-electric: to recharge you must have the right munitions clip but recharging is a move action.

slow firing: this weapon must be primed before fire priming it is a move action firing it is a standard action.

era: modern

here are weapons that have been developed in the last 100 years.

heavy machine gun

light machine gun


handgun bullets

heavy machine gun bullets

light machine gun bullets

era: ~2040

some weapons that are about 25 years off.

plaser gun

laser gun

sonic blast gun

light saber

era: ~2060

can't tell, but at least 45 years off

graviton gun

Name Period Type Price
Heavy machine gun (Tome of tech supplement) modern firearm
Light Machine Gun (Tome of Tech Supplement) modern firearm
Name Period lab Price
computer modern-? computer at least 10 sp

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