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Prophecy [Psychic][edit]

Prerequisite: Precognition
Benefit: You can make significant and far-reaching predictions of future events. The power's parameters are highly variable, and it is up to the referee to interpret this power as he or she sees fit. Prophecies can be clear or obscure: they can consist of glowing images (visible only to you), spoken phrases, or apparently natural events which serve as omens to those with the skill and understanding to interpret them. A peculiarity of this power is that it can be triggered spontaneously, without the character's bidding: in practical terms, this means that characters with this power are unusually prone to prophetic visions and dreams, and are therefore likely to become aware of imminent wars, natural disasters and other major events. Prophecies can also provide life-saving clues regarding the nature of monsters, traps and other hazards in future adventures. A successful Spot check is required (DC 25), but it's possible to "take 20" given sufficient time, so this is not usually a problem. This power can also be used to gain visions of the past, if you are at the location where the past event occurred, or if you are touching an item which featured in the event (e.g. a murder weapon).

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