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This is a property of type String.

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A shimmering green arrow streaks toward a target within range and bursts in a spray of acid.  +
You hurl a bubble of acid.  +
Your spell bolsters your allies with toughness and resolve.  +
You set an alarm against unwanted intrusion.  +
You assume a different form.  +
This spell lets you convince a beast that you mean it no harm.  +
By means of this spell, you use an animal to deliver a message.  +
Your magic turns others into beasts.  +
This spell creates an undead servant.  +
Objects come to life at your command.  +
A shimmering barrier extends out from you in a 10-foot radius and moves with you, remaining centered on you and hedging out creatures other than undead and constructs.  +
A 10-foot-radius invisible sphere of antimagic surrounds you. This area is divorced from the magical energy that suffuses the multiverse. Within the sphere, spells can’t be cast, summoned creatures disappear, and even magic items become mundane.  +
This spell attracts or repels creatures of your choice.  +
You create an invisible, magical eye within range that hovers in the air for the duration.  +
You create a Large hand of shimmering, translucent force in an unoccupied space that you can see within range.  +
You touch a closed door, window, gate, chest, or other entryway, and it becomes locked for the duration. You and the creatures you designate when you cast this spell can open the object normally.  +
You create a sword-shaped plane of force that hovers within range.  +
You place an illusion on a creature or an object you touch so that divination spells reveal false information about it.  +
You and up to eight willing creatures within range project your astral bodies into the Astral Plane (the spell fails and the casting is wasted if you are already on that plane).  +
By casting gem-inlaid sticks, rolling dragon bones, laying out ornate cards, or employing some other divining tool, you receive an omen from an otherworldly entity about the results of a specific course of action that you plan to take within the next 30 minutes.  +
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