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You are one who acts on the behalf of another, a procurator. As a proctor, you take charge of the affairs of others and act for them. Your services are present throughout a lot of society. In law, you are similar to lawyers, and a rather high class of them at that. You also play a religious role for clergies, representing them in courts of church law. You also proctor education processes, overseeing tests and exams in lieu of higher officials. As much as you are like a lawyer in many aspects, you are a more specialized form than the usual advocate. Proctors have the power to enact disciplinary action unlike how lawyers can only hash out the rules.

When making a proctor character, consider the following questions: What kind of proctor are you? How high up in the social strata does that make you? Are you a strict or loose proctor? Do you take bribes to misrepresent your case, or are you dedicated to your job as an accurate proxy? Do you act on your own wants or for the good of your retainer? Are you on the road maybe on behalf of a client, or maybe because a higher up sends you out to oversee something outside the usual kingdom limits?

Skill Proficiencies: Insight and Persuasion

Language Proficiencies: One language of your choice

Equipment: A set of fine clothes in the form of a uniform, a personal document seal, a ream of stationary, an inkwell and quills, and a pouch containing 15gp


Those in the profession of proctor tend toward certain fields in most cases to practice. Whether they are in it for justice, profit, or personal advancement, they find their niche and perform well.

d6 Specialization
1 Attorney
2 Executor
3 Trade Broker
4 Notary
5 Asset Consultant
6 Ecclesiastical

Feature: Internal Bureaucrat[edit]

You are an entity ultimately tied back to the tiers of society and the inner workings. This work is fairly common and well respected. When you enter offices of law and the like, your seal is a currency of credibility. Other officers are less likely to question your for your motives when you ask for things like records on people. You also have little problem requesting information from judges and courts, and you know generally where you may find official information you seek.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I find myself perpetually tired from my work.
2 I believe violence is a last resort, we should use words first.
3 I catalogue events I am involved in soon after their conclusion.
4 I feel like a drink after particularly taxing or tedious work.
5 I feel a need to stamp every document I own, whether official or otherwise.
6 I'm reluctantly adventuring. Talking to people and reviewing paperwork is more my speed.
7 I tend to correct people when it comes to mistakes regarding factual information.
8 "I am a cranberry, thank you very much." (Loopy but functional)
d6 Ideal
1 Voice. The job gives me a platform for issues I hold dear to be heard. (Neutral)
2 Status. I can use this position to further my standing above others, and use that power. (Evil)
3 Service. I provide a much needed service for those who can't represent themselves. (Good)
4 Wealth. I find that there is good money in this job. (Neutral)
5 Greed. I bend deals in favor of the middleman, Myself. (Evil)
6 Justice. I make it my goal to remain impartial as everyone deserves a fair-shake. (Lawful)
d6 Bond
1 A nobleman I was hired by.
2 A merchant who needed my help and owes me a favor.
3 My place of employment.
4 A family member.
5 My current companions.
6 A Lawful (Good, Evil or Neutral) deity.
d6 Flaw
1 I'm an alcoholic.
2 I have an obsession with death.
3 I feel a need to scrape extra profits off the top of any deal.
4 Too much excitement frightens/takes a toll on me.
5 I can't let go of anything. Holding a grudge is in my nature.
6 There is a paper-trail of something I've done. At least I'm sure there is.

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