Prismatic Missile (3.5e Spell)

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Prismatic Missile
Evocation [Fire, Acid, Electricity, Mind-Affecting, Teleportation]
Level: Unlimited Mage 1
Components: V
Casting time: 1 Standard Action
Range: 20 ft + 5 ft/level
Target, Effect, or Area: 1 Creature or Object
Duration: Instantaneous,see text
Saving Throw: See Text
Spell Resistance: Yes

This spell causes seven shimmering, intertwined, multicolored beams of light to spray from a void opening up behind target. Each beam has a different power. A target with 8 HD or less are automatically blinded for 2d4 rounds. The creature is hit with one or more effects.


1d8 of Beam Effect

1 Red 1d4 points fire damage(Reflex half)

2 Orange 1d6 points acid damage(Reflex half)

3 Yellow 1d4 points electricity damage(Reflex half)

4 Green Poison (take 1d6 points of Con damage,Fortitude Negates)

5 Blue Turned to stone (Fortitude negates)

6 Indigo Insane, as insanity spell (Will negates)

7 Violet Sent to another plane (Will negates)

8 Struck by two rays; roll twice more, following this pattern of 8 up to 4 effects total

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