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Primordial Flames of Chaos [Abyssal Heritor, Metabreath][edit]

Create temporary pools of lava in the area of your breath weapon.
Prerequisite: Breath weapon dealing fire damage, Con 17, five Abyssal Heritor Feats, Flames of Chaos
Benefit: Your breath weapon has its normal effect, but also creates a pool of lava in the same area. The lava lasts for 1 round. Foes caught in the breath weapon’s area when you breathe take no additional damage from the lava, provided they leave the pool by the shortest available route on their next turn. Otherwise, anyone who touches or enters the pool while it lasts takes one-half of the breath weapon’s normal effects; any saving throw the breath weapon normally allows still applies.
When you use this feat, add +2 to the number of rounds you must wait before using your breath weapon again.
Special: You can apply this feat more than once to the same breath weapon. Each time you do, the lava pool lasts an additional round.
You can apply this feat to a breath weapon that also has received the Clinging Breath feat, but the resulting breath clings only to foes caught in the initial breath.
Your body becomes accustomed to the extreme heat of the chaotic flames, imposing a -10 on all cold-based saving throws.

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