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Primordial Beast[edit]

A Primordial Beast is a creature of untold power and size, with some resemblance to any average creature

The 600 ft tall Balor found in the deepest layer of the abyss, or the extremely powerful Water Elemental in the darkest part of the Plane of Water. These are Primordial Beasts. Creatures of great size and power with nothing linking them to the creatures they resemble, except the lands they roam. If you could speak with a Primordial Beast, it would say nothing of it's origins or how long it's existed. Some believe it's because the Primordial Beasts themselves do not remember how long they've existed. The origins of a Primordial Beast are as perplexing as their abilities. Resembling certain creature's, they have familiar powers, but also have strange and extraordinary other abilities. Some speculate that they were created by the gods, as Primordial Beasts are disconnected from all divine, making it impossible for them to ascend to divinity.

Creating a Primordial Beast[edit]

This is an inherited template. It can be applied to any type of creature.

Size and Type[edit]

The creature's type remains the same. The Creature's size changes to Colossal

Hit Dice[edit]

The base creature gains 30 Racial Hit Dice of it's type. Gaining hit points, base attack bonus, base saves, and skill points. Class Hit Dice remains the same, if applicable.


Base Land Speed changes to 100 ft. Gains fly speed of 100 ft. (Perfect). Gains Burrow Speed of 50 ft. Gains Swim speed of 80 ft. If the base creature has a any of these speed stats, use the better.

Armor Class[edit]

Natural Armor increases by 25. Each Primordial Beast gains a Deflection bonus to ac equal to their Charisma Score (Minimum of 0)


The Primordial can use any attacks the base creature can, damage is adjusted based on size, and gains a slam attack, if the base creature didnt already have one. All damage a Primordial Beast inflicts is considered Epic damage.

Full Attack[edit]

As base creature, or several slam attacks with new base attack bonus.

Special Attacks[edit]

The Primordial Beast keeps all the special attacks of the base creature, but certain factors of special attacks are modified. The DC to resist or avoid special attacks is increased based on the Primordial Beast's new Hit Dice and relevant ability modifiers as follows.

  • Ability or Energy Drain: The Save DC is 10 + 1/2 Primordial Beast's Hit Dice + Primordial Beast's Cha Mod.
  • Breath Weapon: The Save DC is 10 + 1/2 Primordial Beast's Hit Dice + Primordial Beast's Con Mod.
  • Fear or Frightful Presence: The Save DC is 10 + 1/2 Primordial Beast's Hit Dice + Primordial Beast's Cha Mod.
  • Gaze Attacks: The Save DC is 10 + 1/2 Primordial Beast's Hit Dice + Primordial Beast's Cha Mod.
  • Poison: The Save DC is 10 + 1/2 Primordial Beast's Hit Dice + Primordial Beast's Con Mod.
  • Spell-Like Abilities: The Save DC is 10 + 1/2 Primordial Beast's Hit Dice + Primordial Beast's Cha Mod. A Primordial Beast's caster level is a minimum of 30 for all special attacks. Any Special Attack that doesn't fall under previous categories has the DC increased as if it was a Spell-Like Ability.

Damage of Special Attacks from the base creature are increased by 1/2 Hit Dice. If the Special Attack has a set amount of damage then it is increased by 1/2 and rounded down. The distance of Special Attacks, such as Lines, Cones, and Rays, are doubled. Special Attacks that have an area have the area enlarged based on the base creature's size. Tiny x4 area, Small x4 area, Medium x3 area, Large x3 area, Huge x2 area, and Gargantuan x2 area.

In addition to the Special Attacks of the base creature, the Primordial Beast gains 2 Special Attacks from the following list, and the Trample Special Attack.

  • Trample: As a standard action during each turn a Primordial Beast can run over an opponent of Gargantuan size or smaller. The Trample deals 8d12 damage. If the Primordial Beast has more then two legs add it's Strength modifier to the damage. If it is bipedal then add 1/2 it's strength modifier. If it has no legs or some other source of movement, then do not add any of the creature's strength modifier. If the base creature already had a Trample attack, this one replaces it.
  • Augmented Critical: Using it's natural attacks, a Primordial Beast threatens a critical on an 18-20, with a Critical Multiplier of x3.
  • Breath Weapon: The Primordial Beast gains a breath weapon. Either a 300 ft. Line or a 150 ft. Cone. Choose one type of energy damage, usually one the goes well with the base creature. (Fire, Cold, Sonic, Electric) The Breath Weapon is usable every 1d4 rounds, and deals 30d8 of the selected damage.
  • Advanced Breath Weapon: This Special Attack can only be taken if you've taken "Breath Weapon" as a Special Attack. The Primordial Beast's Breath Weapon gains 10 Hit Dice of damage, it's DC increases by 5, and the Breath Weapon deals half the original damage and deals half of a new type of damage from the following list (Evil, Good, Chaos, Law, Epic, or Force) Once again choose one that fits well with the base creature.
  • Aligned Aura: The Primordial Beast gains an aura, 150 ft. radius, that follows it's alignment (Such as a Chaos Aura or Lawful Good Aura). Any creature inside this aura of a different alignment takes a -4 penalty to Attack, Ac, and all skill checks. Any creature in direct opposition of the alignment (Lawful Neutral creature in a Chaotic Neutral aura) must make a Fort Save DC 20 + 1/2 Primordial Beast Hit Dice + Cha mod or become nauseated. True Neutral Primordial Beasts cannot take this Special Attack.
  • Epic Spell-like Ability: Choose an epic spell which has a Spellcraft DC to cast equal to or lower then the Primordial Beast's Hit Dice. The Primordial Beast gains that spell as a Spell-like Ability usable at will, an infinite number of times a day.
  • Shockwave: The Primordial Beast can cause a massive earthquake when on land, either using force or some kind of power. As a standard action, all creatures within 300 ft. must make a Reflex save DC 20 + 1/2 Primordial Beast Hit Dice + Strength Mod or fall prone, taking 4d6 falling damage.

Special Qualities[edit]

Damage reduction of 30/+5 Epic or Regeneration 35/Opposed Alignment.

Tongues, which is there mother language.

Fate Seer: With a standard action a primordial looks at a being and can see directly into there soul showing there past present future of that creatures life.


There strength is beyond comparison,There Endurance rivals that of gods and some beyond,Fast for there size they move with unnatural grace,there memories that remember the child stories of Io and thoughts that could solve the greatest mysteries,Wise as they can see through the fogs of uncertainty and understand the thoughts of a madman,They natural presence radiates there control and fear over all lesser beings.

Str +30, Dex +22, Con +45, Int +20, Wis +24, Cha +30



They have Iron will,lightning reflexes,Greater fortitude as racial feats and gain feats according to new HD


In the oldest places on the material planes,The deepest layers of the abyss,The highest planes of the heavens and the lowest levels of hell.


Solidarity 1 always

Challenge Rating[edit]



Normally True Neutral. Primordial Beasts are of imaginable power and see things on larger scales then that of the gods.They do not pick sides in the great Good or Evil wars for there miniscule to them,But some Primordial Beasts are born of the darkest evil and some of the most divine light.


Level Adjustment[edit]


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